5 Summer Vacation Packing Tips for Curvy Girls

Packing light for a holiday can be difficult for any woman, but even more so when you’re a curvy girl whose clothes have a bit more material and therefore take up that much more space. But even though it might seem tricky to achieve at first, you can easily pack a small and versatile carry-on wardrobe, with just a bit of planning and preparation beforehand. So, here are some tips and tricks that will help any curvy girl pack light and smart for her summer vacation:

1. Opt for shorts and tanks

During the hot and humid summer weather, the shorts and tank top combination is most likely going to be your go-to. So, look for shorts that hit you right at the knee or a few inches above, to avoid drawing any unwanted attention to your thighs. While black might be too dark and heavy for a summer vacation, navy is the perfect alternative – it’s lighter and more appropriate, while being equally as slimming. As far as tank tops are concerned, choose wider shoulder straps, as they offer more support for a bigger bust, and don’t be afraid to play around with prints and colors.

2. Pack that perfect dress

If you have that one summer dress in your closet that makes you feel comfortable, breezy and absolutely gorgeous, don’t forget to throw it in your suitcase. Easily accessorized and paired with cute summer sandals, a dress like this can be the perfect option for your holiday, whether you are planning on sightseeing or going for drinks with your friends. If you don’t have “the dress” yet, look for an A-line cut with full skirts that hit you just above the knee, as they tend to look more flattering on curvier figures.

3. Stock up on great swimsuits

An essential part of any summer vacation, you should always pack a few different swimwear options when going on holiday, especially if you plan on visiting the pool or the beach. However, being a curvier girl, finding swimsuits that fit you perfectly while being cute enough that you actually want to wear them can often be a challenge. Thankfully, if you live Down Under, there are many options for beautiful plus size swimwear in Australia that will not only provide you with the support you so desperately need, but also make you feel gorgeous, confident, and ready to proudly show off your wonderful curves.

4. Choose comfortable footwear

Even though your favorite pair of gym shoes might be a good option while you’re on the plane, sneakers like that are too sporty and too hot for a summer vacation. So, pack a pair or two of comfortable, airy and multifunctional sandals that you can wear anywhere from a long hike to a romantic evening out. While such a practical pair of sandals might also work for the beach, it would be a good idea to pack a pair of flip flops or slides to quickly put on or take off when you’re going for a swim.

5. Don’t forget about the accessories

The first and most important accessory you need to pack is a beautiful pair of sunglasses that will not only complete any outfit you put on, but also protect your eyes from harmful sunrays. Serving a similar purpose, wide-brimmed summer hats are also a great option for a summer vacation, if you can manage to squeeze them into your suitcase. As far as bags go, one straw or wicker tote might be more than enough, as it’s an ideal choice for the beach, but it looks just as cute when paired with your favorite summer dress. 

Even though summer can present a lot of challenges for any curvy girl, these incredible packing tips will help you nail those beach vacation outfits and look incredible every day.

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