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5 Best Ways To Style Chanderi Dress Materials

Originating in Madhya Pradesh, Chanderi dress materials have become a common attraction and can be seen worn by a majority of women, both old and young. They are made through pure skill and have not been replicated elsewhere and remain a specialty of its home town, Chanderi. They have a storied past and although they were initially made from cotton, today they are made from the more valuable silk fabric.

They are loved for their attractive look and this is why the market for wholesale churidar dress materials and to be specific wholesale cotton churidars has sky-rocketed due to such high demand for this stylish looking garment. They are known to have a sheer fabric property and the trademark zari work that is laid across the surface of the material. 

There is no denying the exquisite look that these suits possess and there are several ways to pair them up using different bottom wear garments for each occasion. Marriage events, parties, religious functions, casual occurrences, and even office meetings all have one thing in common, they require a stylish and comfortable outfit made from either, cotton, silk, or satin. Let us discuss a few options that are available to all women for pairing up.

1. Churidar

The natural pairing for any salwar suit is the churidar which is a cotton pant that gathers at the bottom by the ankle. It makes the outfit look that much better and gives it a more comfortable feel for times when you have to spend an extended amount of time in a traditional outfit. To provide a suitable outfit that can cater to a religious event you will probably require this ethnic matching outfit. They are most affordable due to the steady need for them.

2.  Leggings

Another style that can commonly be seen in dresses is the leggings which are actually more of a traditional pairing but offer the maximum amount of comfortability, something that ethnic wear is not commonly known to offer. This is the reason it is the most famous and demanded type of bottom wear clothing that can be teamed up with almost every type of top-wear on the fashion market. 

Made primarily from cotton and lycra it gives a great amount of flexibility to move around especially if you intend to be doing some walking around and not just sitting in one place. The best part of leggings is that they are available in hundreds of color shades to match the preferences of every woman.

3. Cigarette pants

One fairly new bottom wear clothing article is the cigarette pants (this may sound odd) they are actually a very fashionable garment that makes use of designs that are commonly only seen on the tunic of dress material. Embroidery, lace, beadwork, and even mirror work in some cases. I doubt that there are any pants out there that are as stylish as the cigarette pants, and any woman should jump at the opportunity to wear such an article of clothing. 

They are usually made from a stretchy material that will fit the exact shape of your body so that it can appear even more stylish, lycra and other cotton blended materials are used for it. These unicolor bottoms are a great investment and every woman should at least own one for those extra special events, they can look best with center slit kurtis and are a sight at parties where everyone pulls out all the stops to look fabulous.

4. Lehenga/skirts

An option that still remains vacant is the lehenga. The lehenga is just a long skirt that has a gown-like impression and can be made from a wide range of fabrics like cotton, silk, satin, and georgette. 

The choice is yours whether or not you want it to be designed or just left plain so that the designs of the tunic can shine through. Or if you have a plain salwar tunic that is bland, you can easily spice up your look with a designer lehenga that can easily act as the star of the show. Decorations such as digital print, embroidery, beading, and stone embellishments are a common sight when it comes to traditional lehengas.

5. Palazzo pants

Who would say no to a great pair of palazzo pants? The answer is nobody. Palazzo pants are the simplest form of bottom wear that does not require any styling or effort to create a fashion-oriented outfit that will be enough for you to attend any event. Wear them once and you will be hooked forever and will pair all your dresses with these garments only. Since cotton is the material mostly used to create them, they are cool, comfortable and classy. 

They are made in a range of colors but personally I strongly suggest you keep with the theme and go for natural colors that cotton is known to have. The advantage of natural colors is that they usually match with all the other colors that will be present in your wardrobe. If you would like to go to the other side of the color gradient greys, black, and navy blue are said to be all rounding shades that work well with others. Team them with any of your Chanderi dress material tops to get the most visually appealing outfit that will be sure to look amazing on any given day of the week.

End note

When it comes to mixing and matching there is a wide variety of options and if you begin to feel bored or need a change, there will be an option for every day of the week. Coordinate your outfit to make sure that it ticks all your personal style boxes but at the same time still looks like a decent outfit that can be worn to more than one occasion. That said make sure to be reasonable with colors and designs if you want to safely avoid any fashion mishaps from occurring. Whatever you decide, remember to enjoy the moment and have fun!

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