5 Quarantine Purchases Every Swimmer Must Have to Feel Better During Lockdown

Are you one of those competitive swimmers who are dying to be in the swimming pool once again? But sadly, morning practices are suspended due to the implemented coronavirus home quarantine and other health and safety protocols? 

Well, whether you’re a competitive swimmer or someone who simply loves swimming as a leisure activity, here’s what you can do for now; prepare for that time you would feel the pool water on your skin again by upgrading your swimming essentials.

If you got no clue as to how on earth you can upgrade your swimming must-haves or how to ease your longingness for swimming, there’s no need to worry that much because this article got your back. All you have to do is to stick with the next few pages, finish reading up to its last sentence, and find out what swimming equipment you must start replacing with a new one.

1. Personalised swim caps

As a swimmer, you should know how much a good and quality swimming cap can create an impact on your swimming performance. Not only that it lessens the drag in the pool water or any open water, but also secures your hair in place, and protects your hair and scalp from possible damage. 

So, as you yearn to jump in the swimming pool once again, why not treat yourself with some personalised swim caps instead? Personalised swim caps are available for bulk or multiple purchases, which is perfect for your whole swimming team.

You can have personalised swim caps either for your co-swimmers in your school or university’s swimming club, for your family or for your friends who also love swimming as much as you do.  

2. New pair of earplugs

Earplugs are a pair of swimming essentials that protect the swimmers’ ears from the risks of infection they might get from swimming often, especially in untreated water like lakes, oceans, and rivers. This home quarantine season, replace your old pair of earplugs by shopping for a new pair online. 

So that as you get your chance to swim in the pool or any open water once again, you’ll feel a lot better and satisfied by having a new pair of earplugs. How does this idea sound to you, huh?

3. Nose clips

Nose clips are another pair of swimming essentials that you might want to get for yourself during the lockdown period. Throw away your old nose clips because it’s time for a change. 

With a new pair of nose clips, you’ll feel a lot better and more comfortable as soon as you get to swim again in the pool. 

4. New pair of swimming goggles

How long have you been using your current swimming goggles? How long have you been longing to get a new one? If you’re waiting for a sign, then here it is. 

Shop for your new pair of swimming goggles and prepare for your most-anticipated reunion with the swimming pool anytime. If this doesn’t seem to be a good idea to make yourself feel better while on home quarantine, then we don’t know what else will.

5. Another bottle of sunscreen

The last thing on the list that we advise you to purchase is another bottle of SPF or sunscreen. Of course, swimmers need to give their skin some extra love too. 

Applying a generous amount of sunscreen will keep your skin from having sunburns, inflammations, and redness that it may get from too much exposure to sunlight. 

And you’re done! Yes, we understand how much you’re missing doing the sports just by going through the pages that suggest the quarantine purchases you might want to have to ease the feeling. 

But this is also a sign for you to replace your old swimming equipment with new ones for a more comfortable swim. So, before you take a plunge in the pool or any open water once again, make sure that you have these quarantine purchases, okay?

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