Why Online Affiliates Are Still a Good Bet

Unless you have been living under a rock for the past 18 months you’ll be well aware of the Coronavirus pandemic and the effect that this has had on much of the world. With countries implementing restrictions on movement, travel limited and shops closing there have been many industries that have been affected. Of course, the short-term impact of shops being closed is obvious – if they’re unable to open then they’re unable to trade, which is going to dent business profits. However, it is also worth considering the long term implications this is likely to have – as customers go elsewhere, discover new ways of shopping and even have less disposable income to spend on non-essential items. 

Which Industries Were Affected??

In all honesty, when you consider different industries there is likely to be very few that weren’t impacted in some way by the pandemic and lockdown periods that this caused. Of course, all businesses will have been affected in different ways – but being forced to close is definitely one of them. On top of that, it is worth considering how staffing levels will have been affected by illness, self-isolation and even the need to provide childcare for children that could not attend school. All of this is likely to have affected businesses in different ways and is something that people should undoubtedly take into consideration when thinking about how businesses were impacted during this time.

Of course, with every negative comes a positive and several industries will have benefited from this period and noticed an increase in trade and revenue. For example, shops that were allowed to stay open will have noticed busier periods as many supermarkets reported long queues of customers wanting to come into the store to buy items. People wanted to stock up and buy more items, which is something that supermarkets and grocery stores will have benefited from, even if only in the short term.

Without a doubt eCommerce across the board is an industry that will have benefited as people turned to online to shop, be entertained and even work remotely. With limited opportunities to do things outside of the home, the internet would have been a lifeline for many – giving access to so much. This way of shopping, socialising and working will have been popular with many people and something that lots of people will be keen to continue, which is something businesses should be taking into consideration when thinking about how to offer their services in the future. 

What Changes Did The eCommerce Sector See?

With several periods of restricted movement, it stands to reason that people would look at new ways to be able to obtain the goods and services they need. For example, regular Zoom parties with friends become something that people looked forward to. Most businesses looked at how they could evolve their offering to expand to online services, even if only in the interim. Technology evolving meant that businesses were able to adapt quickly and keep up with customer demand.

It isn’t just shopping and video calling friends that changed during lockdown; the entertainment industry boomed too. Things like TikTok and other social media channels became massively popular as normal-every-day people carved out their own channels and became overnight social media stars. These people would have also been looking at ways to benefit from this new movement and so making money via these social media channels would have been a given. Some of this would have been through sponsored posts and adverts, but lots would have been through affiliate links. 

Who Can Make Money With Affiliate Links?

One of the best things about making money with affiliate links is that they’re something anyone can have a go at. The truth is that the internet isn’t going anywhere and it is the stability of people always needing these products that help to ensure that affiliates are a safe bet. For example, established gambling websites have been devoting more advertising spend to their online platforms in recent years in response to television advertising regulations implemented. The popularity of online gambling increased during lockdown and although the user levels may decrease again; it is likely to be a platform that sticks around.

The events of 2020 and 2021 have many people looking for something a little different from life. Work is somewhere that people are seeking something new – remote working and flexible working are both ideas that both companies and employees are starting to give more consideration to. One of the best things about using internet marketing/affiliate links as your income stream is that there are no set hours. In fact, in many ways, it is a passive income because once it is set up and the traffic is being driven organically to the platform the money generates itself. The fact that you can do this over and over again helps to put affiliate marketing in the camp of being a good bet when it comes to ways to use the inherent and social media to make money. 

It also helps that affiliate links can be used to promote pretty much anything – a lot of what you choose to promote is going to depend on your traffic and customer base. For example, fashion bloggers will predominantly use affiliate links for outfits and accessories However, someone that has more of a lifestyle blog online might point to ways to be entertained online and this is where they might promote various casinos and online betting websites. Although you should always ensure that you don’t break the rules when it comes to promoting gambling, things are a little more relaxed when it comes to using affiliate links.

There is a new generation of people that look for their role models online; and as such these influencers have a genuine way to make money online. You don’t have to be an all-singing, all-dancing TikTok star to make money with affiliate links, just a solid platform online that has plenty of traffic going to it is enough to get you started.

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