How Many mg Daily of CBD Oil for Tooth Pain to Take?

If you’ve ever experienced the throbbing pain of a toothache, you know how distressing it is. CBD oil can help ease toothache. Buy CBD oil for tooth pain online to alleviate discomfort.

Tooth pain is usually a result of gum disease, which can be due to poor oral hygiene. However, in some people, it may be due to inherited genetics. Poor oral health leads to dental plaque formation on the teeth and gums, which leads to inflammation and irritation, causing early-stage gum disease known as gingivitis. And if left untreated, it advances to periodontitis. This leads to the damage of the tooth and the bones holding the teeth in place, resulting in tooth loss. CBD has healing components that help ease inflammation and pain sensitivity. It also effectively reduces the damage caused by gum disease. 

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CBD oil for Tooth Pain

CBD is the non-psychoactive compound obtained from the hemp plant. It is highly sought after because it is organic and can heal a wide range of medical conditions. Although there is insufficient research supporting CBD oil usage, user reviews show that it effectively eases pain and inflammation, the main culprits for toothache. CBD oil has antibacterial properties, which are also good in preventing tooth pain. Therefore, use CBD-infused toothpaste as part of your daily dental hygiene routine.

Aifory’s CBD oil for tooth pain comes in various dosages. These include 500mg, 1000mg, and 1500mg. We have full-spectrum CBD oil. 

The good thing about our CBD oils is that we have provided the least amount of dosage you should start with. You are advised to apply 10 drops under your tongue per serving, and each serving is equal to 1.67mg. Please do this twice a day (morning and evening) for maximum pain relief. Even if CBD does not have adverse effects, you should not overdose.

Best CBD oil for tooth pain

If you are shopping for the best CBD oil for tooth pain, you are in the right place, AIFORY is your best plug. Our CBD products are rated among the best in the CBD market and are popular for their effectiveness and high quality. AIFORY CBD oil is gluten-free, vegan friendly, and 100% chemical-free as it is tested for all impurities and verified.

Buy CBD oil for tooth pain

Buying CBD oil for tooth pain can overwhelm a new user. With AIFORY, you will get all you need in one place. The best, natural, and non-psychoactive CBD oil for toothache. So, visit our website for the best deals on CBD oil for tooth pain.

Caution: If you consider using CBD oil for tooth pain, ensure that you consult with your physician. They will help you determine if CBD oil is the best option. Also, if you happen to experience any adverse reaction, please stop using it and seek medical attention. And pregnant and breastfeeding parents should use CBD under the doctor’s advice.

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