Most Effective Fighting Style for MMA

Which is the most effective fighting style of MMA? has been the most debatable topic when it comes to MMA fighting. A lot of people claim that the most effective fighting style is the one which is versatile and incorporates so many disciplines. Mixed Martial Arts is among the most complex sports around the world. The reason it is so tough is it requires its practitioners to be good at multiple fighting styles. MMA can be divided into three basic fighting styles and the most effective mixed martial is a perfect blend of these three. Though there are hundreds of them. 

  • Striking 
  • Takedown/Clinch fighting
  • Ground fighting

In order to master this art, you have to be best in these styles. We will go deep into each category. 


Every MMA fighting style is played on the feet so it can be stated safely that all fighters must gain and master basic striking skills while wearing their MMA gloves and MMA shorts


Boxing is one of the most important and widely practiced Martial Art forms. It teaches fighters amazing footwork & head moment techniques. It is also very useful in learning self-defense. 

Almost every player uses Boxing in MMA, as every fight biggen standing up.

It is important to get trained for boxing in MMA because it puts a perspective. And it is something everyone should try. No matter if you want to jazz up your fitness routine or learn self-defense boxing is a great choice. 

Muay Thai:

Muay Thai is among the most popular Martial Arts choices for professional MMA fighters. 

Muay Thai holds the record of highest strike per damage ratio. This combat sport has a tool of every fighter.

It focuses on clinch techniques that are useful for many other martial arts like judo & wrestling. From a self-defense standpoint practicing Muay Thai good but not the best.

As there are not so many defensive techniques in Muay Thai when compared to boxing. 


Karate is one of the traditional martial art forms and a prominent martial art style.  Practicing karate helps you in gaining balance & finding peace in your own self. However, Karate is not a martial art that can be translated well to MMA


Without any argument we all can agree to the fact that Taekwondo fighters have the best kicking ability in the world. What stands out are those spinning kicks & they can result in good knockouts.


Wrestling is an ultimate fighting sport that involves takedowns, holds, tilts, throws & pinning combinations. Wrestling’s scoring system is based on controlling your opponent. 

It is one of the oldest combat sports. Takedowns & takedown defense are extremely crucial to MMA. Undoubtedly a good grappler is capable of taking whole control over an entire match if they have their own good set of takedowns & takedown defense. Wrestling holds a good place for being the most essential ingredient for cooking a perfect MMA fighter. It is a very good sport for younger ones. But the big downside is they are seen as boring MMA fighters. 


Judo is usually categorized as modern art. It is similar to wrestling in a lot of ways but it isn’t that grappling oriented. It will not make or break you. But still, it is one the most demanding art there. As it is a full body workout but your core & grip will get the hardest. 


MMA has the most powerful submissions. 

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

BJJ incorporates a ground-based grappling method which involves the application of joint locks & chokeholds. This sport promotes a concept that a small, or weak person can easily defend themselves when they get in a fight with a bigger and stronger assailant if proper techniques are executed. It is an amazing martial art that promotes self-defense and teaches life lasting lessons. If you ever plan on receiving Jiu jitsu training make sure you get it from a proper gym. 

So, What is the most effective MMA style

The most effective MMA style is the one that combines all of this perfectly. That’s why it is called Mixed martial arts. But you should also remember that most effective MMA style might not be effective for you.   

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