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10 Steps to a More Natural Life

Nature is everywhere around us, but it seems that somehow we have disconnected from it to a considerable degree. Because of the modern way of life, we don’t have that much time or even desire to visit the natural world often – at least a big number of people can relate to this. However, you don’t have to go to the woods every single day in order to lead a more natural and healthier lifestyle (but it’s good to go occasionally for some fresh air). You can do plenty of other things as well!  

Making a decision and sticking to it

To begin with, you need to figure out if you’re ready to lead a more natural lifestyle. It’s a big responsibility and not all of us can commit to it. You know yourself well, so you know best whether this decision is for you or not. Once you make it, don’t let anything distract you and be persistent. 

Growing your own food

This is definitely a great thing to do! They say that plants we take care of react to us positively, so if you grow your own food with love, your fruits and veggies will return it to you. It’s healthy to eat something we grew ourselves, and gardening is a remarkable hobby.  

Cooking for yourself

If you grow your own food, why go to expensive restaurants or turn to unhealthy fast food chains when it’s much healthier to cook yourself? If you have a family, you can cook for them with love and that altruism can bring you satisfaction. Cooking is also very stress-relieving, it makes you feel good because of your creativity and it saves a lot of money. 

Choosing organic products whenever you can

When you shop, choose organic as much as possible. Food, clothes, cosmetics… Everything! For instance, there are many natural skincare brands nowadays that we can choose from, containing ingredients that give our skin exactly what it needs. With all the right products, we can look and feel amazing all the time!

Turning to holistic medicine

If you embrace holistic medicine, you’ll get to do things like exercise, meditation, yoga, acupuncture, hypnosis, aromatherapy, naturopathy, reflexology, and similar. All of these activities are very beneficial both for our physical and mental health.

Using essential oils

Essential oils have many powers and uses. Derived from the natural compounds in plants, they treat illnesses, promote better health, make us feel more relaxed and better in general and they even clean our home. Choose the ones that are pure and of good quality. Also, read about all the ways you can apply them. If you combine them with a hot bath, you can get remarkable results! 

No more using disposables 

It’s time to mention the disposables! This is something we use all the time, from tampons and napkins to paper plates and diapers. But now, it’s time to identify all these things in your life and say goodbye to them. You can definitely live without this stuff, especially nowadays when we can replace it with eco-friendly options.  

Less waste in your home

You should try to decrease your waste by selecting items with minimal packaging and buying second-hand housewares and clothes. Using your own grocery bags is another great idea and always try to reduce the number of things to throw out. Also, recycle instead of throwing out and if there are things you no longer need, you can donate stuff as well. 

No more or at least less plastic

We use plastic all the time as well, but going natural means less or no plastic at all. Plastics contain a lot of harmful chemicals and carcinogenic compounds. It doesn’t last long and ends up in dumpsters. You can use glass jars instead of plastic containers for food and drinks, as well as wooden cooking utensils, fabric storage bags, and other non-plastic materials.

Managing stress and its physical manifestations 

Anthony de Mello says that happiness is our natural state. It’s how children feel all the time, but then they get contaminated by the society. At a certain point, we start over-worrying and feeling anxious most of the time, when we should actually feel cheerful and peaceful constantly. If you got polluted and started feeling stressed at one point, you can always find ways to manage that stress and stop it from manifesting physically. Do something you enjoy and find a hobby that can help you relieve stress. 

A healthier and more natural lifestyle is a stone’s throw away. You just need to decide if you can do it and once you make that choice, stick to it. You’ll have to do these ten things to go natural, and maybe sometimes it won’t be easy, but it’s worth it because you are doing a lot not just for yourself, but for our planet as well.

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