How To Access Deleted Posts And Comments On Reddit?

We cannot help but wonder what views those deleted comments and posts on Reddit consisted of? Right? If you feel that way too then read this article where I will be explaining about a few ways how you can get access to those same deleted contents of reddit.

Keep reading till the end to find out more about it!

Ways To Access Reddit’s Deleted Posts and Comments

Here are the following ways how one can get access to the deleted posts and comments of Reddit:

  • Reveddit

At first when you visit this site “” you will see that it only has a single text field where one can enter the details of the username, the name of the subreddit. Upon entering these, the website scans and shows the results of anything and everything that has been deleted under the terms that you entered in the search bar. After that happens you can surf and select threads that interest you the most.

The next trick that works for this tool is very similar to unddit. You can substitute the word “reddit” and replace it with “reveddit” in the URL and then too you will able to view the comments and posts that are deleted in the same way.

The one drawback of this site is that it does not show the comments that the users delete by themselves. It only displays the moderator-deleted comments.

  • Resavr

On this platform one cannot search for deleted content on Reddit but can get access to only the deleted comments on Reddit. The website is very easy to navigate as well, as the interface is quite simple. It also has a list consisting of all the deleted comments. 

It will show you the comments which have been deleted at latest and if you click on them you will get to see the content against a bland backdrop.

A user looking for simply passing time can utilize this tool a lot. To get context about where those comments originated from can go back to the original post where all of it came from. 

Keep reading to find out more about how to see deleted reddit posts 2021!

  • Google Cache

The web pages on Google gets indexed and the cached versions of them gets saved up on it. One can surely use this method to view the Reddit’s deleted comments and posts. 

First and foremost, search up the deleted Reddit post that you are searching for by searching up the title of that specific thread. After that is done, when the search results pull up, click o the icon that comes in the form of three dots next to the result. 

If are down at the bottom of the window, then you will an option called “cached”. Which just indicates that Google has a cached version saved up of that same page. This lets you view it by clicking on the aforementioned option.

If Google has indeed a cached version saved up of that Reddit page then you will surely be able to see it and view the deleted post threads.

  • Unddit

​Unddit is a very popular tool for viewing deleted Reddit comments and posts. It allows the users to see the deleted post threads and comments. There is a feature of this tool where it categorizes those deleted threads based on colors so that it gets differentiated on the basis of who removed it.

The interface of this tool is also very easy. One first needs to go over to their website which is After that they need to drag the red color button over to the “bookmark” option. The next step would be to go to the deleted thread section of the Reddit platform (over to the content that you wanna see). Then after the page gets loaded, select the Unddit option from the bookmarks tab.

Or you can try this other method too, where you need to replace the word “reddit” in the URL with “unddit”. That would do the job as well. The moderator removed comments are shown in red color and the user-deleted comments are shown in blue color.

To Wrap It Up!

Things that have been deleted better stay hidden only right but our thirst for curiosity is what drives us to great lengths. For instance, how you searched up this topic and this topic came up XD. The above-mentioned ways are legit though and will surely gives you access to the deleted post and comment threads of Reddit.

Thank you for reading up till here! I hope you found the information useful. Let me know in the comments your thoughts on the same.

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