3 Simple Tips to Make Online Classes Easier This 2021

3 Simple Tips to Make Online Classes Easier This 2021 

Online learning setup can be overly tiring, especially if you take it in a hard way. Instead of trying to get things done in the most difficult and exhausting method, why not make things a little bit easier. These challenges are quite easy to accomplish, but many students fail. Many external factors are considered to achieve an easier online learning experience. It can be the availability of high-speed internet connection, high-tech gadgets, study space, and so much more! 

But if you are the type of learner who has all these means but still cannot cope up easily in your online classes, you need to step up your game! To do that, here are three tips to make your online class experience easier in your next academic year! 

1. Maximize the free internet platforms 

If you have a strong and high-speed internet connection, you have to maximize it. Coupled with high-tech gadgets, online learning will be so much easier if used properly. For example, instead of wasting your precious time doing miscellaneous works, you may try searching for online websites to cater to your needs. If you need a Word to PDF converter, a common and in-demand converter, you may try to visit GogoPDF. It is a free website that offers high-quality conversions from a Word editable file into a secured PDF format. This conversion is a must before you submit your homework to your teachers. Moreover, if you need to create posters, brochures, or presentations, try the Canva application. They offer a wide range of aesthetically looking fonts, styles, themes, animations, backgrounds, and so much more! It is more convenient than trying to do all the work in a Microsoft PowerPoint. Lastly, if you need to study for the upcoming exam or quizzes, do not rely solely on the learning materials that your teacher has provided to you. The reading materials that they often give to the students are lengthy and partly hard to understand without assistance. So as a tip, search for free instructional videos on the internet about the topic. You may use Youtube or other free sites if you want to.Β 

2. Make a daily schedule 

If you are the type of student who gets distracted easily, you might want to pause for a bit and reflect. As you reflect on these distractions, you will most likely find a pattern. You may find out that you are distracted at specific hours of the day. Take note of those specific hours and create a strict and enforceable schedule for those hours. For instance, if you are easily distracted from 1 PM to 5 PM, divide those into time blocks. Allot 1 pm to 3 pm as your study time and spare the 4 pm to 5 pm as your rest. In this way, you will be able to adjust slowly. No need to force yourself to

get out of those distractions in an instant. If you then get used to studying from 1 PM to 3 PM, you can extend it to 4 PM in the following days or months. You will not even notice that you have finally eliminated the distractions as time goes by. What you need on this tip is just a handful of willingness and dedication. 

3. Join a circle or organizations that share the same goals with you 

It is true that an online learning setup can be demotivating. Demotivation is the number one cause of seeing online classes as a hardship. But once you have found a group of people that you can easily share problems and thoughts together with, even virtually, you will feel a sense of belongingness. Belongingness is still important even if you do not have the opportunity to interact with your classmates physically. If you finally belong to this circle that shares the same struggle, all of you can give helpful tips to each other. You can also arrange a group zoom call for you to have a bond together, share your online learning experiences, share your small victories, celebrate, and have fun! 

In a Nutshell 

There are a lot of ways to make the online learning experience easier than before. First, you have to maximize the use of your internet and gadgets. The goal is to eliminate the miscellaneous works that have been occupying your mind and time. Second, you can make a daily schedule that restricts your distractions. The goal is to help you focus and be productive. Lastly, you have to belong in a circle of people that shares the same concern with you. This will help you retain your motivation all throughout the academic year. If you have done all these tips properly, there is no doubt that the online-learning setup that you have thought of as hard will be more convenient. Good luck and do well!

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