The Expert’s Step by Step Assistance on Finding Free Parking Space Near Station

Shrinking parking space is becoming one of the global issues. Presently, millions of people suffer to find a free parking space near their home, stations, offices and other commercial building. In almost half a decade the number of cars sold around the world has doubled. Unfortunately, the parking lot number involving parking space is surprisingly low. That is why a plethora of people face parking challenges every day. The government and different municipalities have been tacking the problem of both an increased number of cars on the road and a decreasing number of free parking spaces near stations. Adding free parking space requires land, money, supplies and time. While it could be hard for an ordinary citizen to predict where the next free parking space would be constructed, it is also hard for a city planner. They have to deal with when and where to add parking space in an area.

Available Parking Space Near You

The objective of free parking space is to facilitate commuters to safely park their car while they attend meeting or o on tours. Perhaps you want to park your vehicle near the station and go on a train journey around the world. Here are three significant aims of free parking spaces:-

  1. To Ensure sufficient off-street parking during peak-business hours
  2. Support/Help on finding free-parking lots
  3. Encourage commuter to use paid as well as free parking spots
  4. Allowing quick parking
  5. Providing demographic of parking

However, it is tough to find free parking near the station. Even space outside the home is forcing drivers to leave their cars on different street and walk to home doors. As per research, the average amount of space-per-car has shrunk by 3.4% in just five years. This means every one of eight drivers have to park outside on a parking lot (free/paid). The parking problem has rippled into common disputes of capturing parking space. Moreover, one of ten people now park illegally and risk to be fined.

This contributes as one of the factors to various car crashes both on the street and inside parking lots. The CCTV footage in several cities shows that parking spaces accidents have increased in the past few decades. The cost of parking space has gone up. While people are buying bigger cars, the parking area is becoming smaller. A bigger car is hard to move in a small space. Many foresighted this issue and moved to use electric vehicles which have appropriate size and shape. Others moved into finding a solution to parking spaces issues.

Here is Top Six Parking Solutions

  1. Increasing in Free Parking Supply: To meet the shortage, property manager, develops, business and local government build more parking facilities which encourage the drive to use free parking space near the station
  2. Reducing Parking Demand: Keep fee on commercial parking, the demand for parking is reduced. Driver opts to park elsewhere or park far from destination to reduce traffic load and parking congestion.
  3. Increase on-street Parking: In another solution, street parking was allowed an easy way to generate more available and free parking space.
  4. Use Overflow facilities: Reserving extra parking facilities can be used when parking lots are full. Drivers can use reserved parking space and use the shuttle to reach their destinations.
  5. Increasing Strategically Created parking spots: Spaces in the corners and the edges can be used to create more parking spaces. The area can be sized to create space for small vehicles.
  6. Using Automation: Using car stacker can be used to double or triple the amount of parking space. It is one of the most demands solutions these days.


  1. Inadequate Information For Drivers
  2. Inefficient Use of Existing Parking Capacity
  3. Excessive Automobile Use
  4. Economic, environmental and aesthetic impact of parking facilities
  5. Parking Space that is an inconvenience
  6. Demand for Handicapped parking space
  7. Impact of additional parking space
  8. Existing, severe, spillover problems
  9. Out-of-town parking
  10. Loading and Unloading Zones
  11. Inconvenient parking options
  12. Inconvenient pricing methods
  13. Confusing parking policies
  14. Difficulties with parking regulation and pricing
  15. Lack of sufficient parking at the event site
  16. Low parking turnover rate

The best way to solve the parking issue is by using creative parking solutions. One way is to go with carpooling so that it is easy to find free parking spaces. Carpooling is an effective way to reduce the number of car on the road. It means less number of drivers looking for parking space near stations and more number of available free parking spaces. Another option is shared parking and renting a car in the park. This two are an upcoming solution which is quickly becoming popular among people living in metropolitan cities.

In the field of remarkable dedication, a sporty spirit, hardworking and a “doer” is Mhiri Innovation. With here impressive ideas millions of people enjoy free parking spaces. Jenny is a believer and has faith in humanity; her dream is to solve the issue of parking and to provide secure parking option available to everyone.

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