5 Reasons Why Surfers Are Using Ebikes This Summer 2022

Surf’s up! Summer is here, and that means it’s time to wax your surfboard, grab your gear and head to the nearest beach. Unless you’re in walking distance, of course, you’re gonna need wheels to get you there β€” and a womens or mens ebike is the perfect solution. Whether you use full power, pedal assist or good old-fashioned human power, your new ebike offers versatile transport.

Parking Battles Are Over

Parking availability and demand near public beaches can fluctuate by the day. However, a step through bike is  a great way to get around these limitations. Finding bike parking is often easier, especially around the Mission Beach and Bay areas. Securing your bike is simple when you use a bike lock.

If you live further away from your favorite beach, you can use the San Diego Metropolitan Transit System. Most MTS vehicles include bike racks, allowing you to secure your bike during each bus ride. These bike racks can accommodate up to 55 pounds per bike, including battery-equipped electric bicycles. E-bikes like the Around the Block 500W by Sixthreeero usually use lithium or lithium-ion power cells, which are permitted on MTS bike racks.

Get Your Heart Rate Up Before Surfing

The benefits of cardiovascular exercise are undisputed. Besides building strength and conditioning major muscle groups, cardio also helps the heart and lungs work more efficiently. But you didn’t come here for a lecture from Fitness 101. Instead, let’s take a look at how biking can get you ready for your next surfing excursion.

Every workout must begin with a warmup. Beyond slowly easing you into the training phase, warmups also boost blood flow to your muscles and raise your body’s temperature. When your muscles are warmed up and properly supplied with oxygen, you reduce your risk of injury.

Surfing is intense physical activity, so biking to the beach can help you warm up. Start by riding at a slow pace, then increasing to moderate speed after about five minutes or so. Don’t forget to stretch before getting on your bike. While this list isn’t exhaustive, some excellent pre-cycling stretches include:

  • Traditional calf stretches: pressing your palm into a wall with your back leg straight, extended back, while your front leg is bent at the knee 
  • Downward-facing dog: a yoga pose that stretches the back legs and releases tension in the hips and spine
  • Quad stretches: raising each leg up behind you and grasp it at the ankle, with the heel pointing at your back
  • Anterior shoulder stretch: extending both arms behind your back, clasping your hands and listing them upward

Beach Cruiser and Fat Tire Bikes

Both beach cruisers and fat tire bikes offer distinctive benefits. Beach cruisers like Sixthreezero’s Around the Block are great for moderate-paced rides on paved surfaces of up to 30 or 40 miles. If you plan to ride on sand itself, you may want to check out fat tire electric bike for sale like the EVRYJourney 500W. Fat tires offer cushioning and stability, with a larger contact surface idea for soft surfaces like sand. Whatever bike you choose, check its specs carefully to ensure you get a proper fit.

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