Feast of Lovers: 5 Types of Couples and 5 Gift Ideas

Valentine’s Day is getting closer and you’re ready? You know, not preparing for the party of lovers can bring discord in the couple, so having an early plan and a ready gift is the best strategy.

Although Valentine’s Day is not for you, it does not mean that you cannot use this excuse to surprise and spend a different evening. That’s why we have in store five exciting gifts for her and him, depending on your kind of love. Continue reading to learn more.

What couple are you? The right gifts for you

Read the descriptions below and choose the identikit that best fits your relationship and discovers the original gift ideas that we propose for Valentine’s Day.

  1. The adventurers: love not to plan your free time too much and let yourself be carried away by the emotion of the moment, you are constantly looking for thrills and adventures that leave their mark. Your love is jaunty but deep, you think you have found the other half of the apple.

Gift for both: a nice trip, Valentine’s Day is the perfect excuse to explore a new destination and try new adventures. So talk before the party and run to choose your next trip, whether it’s a weekend in an Italian city or the discovery of a European capital, it does not matter, your passion will make the trip enthusiastically.

  1. The romantics: you are a very close-knit couple, full of attention for each other, love romanticism that never fails. You have a long-term relationship, or it will be, maybe you’ve known each other as children and you’ve never left. Your love is eternal, you are two twin souls willing to do anything, even when things are not going well.

Gift for her: no doubt the classic flowers are the best choice. We offer you a bunch of red roses with a bottle of Ferrari, to really leave you speechless. Maybe you have flowers delivered for Valentine’s Day to your workplace.

Gift for him: a romantic gift for him that is not too mushy, but full of meaning is a star! Oh yes, you can buy a star online and give it the name of your lover.

  1. Unconventional: you are a different couple, you love each other, but you care about your family and friends relationships. You are also very busy with your work and maybe you do not have too much time for the couple, but when you are together you make sparks. Your love is spontaneous, free and extraordinary.

Gift for her: an ideal gift is something useful, but well thought out. Give her a massage at a spa near her home, so she can relax when she needs it most. Gift for him: well, with his being practical and down to earth, you have to give him something useful, opt for an online gift card, so he can make purchases in freedom.

  1. The pranksters: you are a sparkling couple, you like to laugh and the laughter is at the base of your days, even when you are together. Your love is vital, unique, and perfect so as not to get bored.

Gift for her: she must make her laugh, but you know what amuses her most. Choose an original gadget, like an obscure statuette with a personalized inscription or give it a cd with striptease music and then show it.

Gift for him: a nice t-shirt with a funny joke, this suits his jaunty character.

  1. Anti-Valentine’s Day: your couple is down-to-earth and you do not love the fuss, not to mention Valentine’s Day, a party that does not mean anything to you. Your love is mature and responsible, show your love with daily gestures.

Gift for her: surprise her with the promise of a dinner out for the following Saturday at the party of lovers.

Gift for him: let him find something that he loves when he comes back from work, whether it’s his favorite dish or the wine he loves most or the tickets for his favorite team. A simple gesture is enough to remind you of your love.

What are you waiting for? Valentine’s Day is near, hurry up and do not forget the ticket.

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