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Explore Instagram Ads Format For A Successful Marketing Campaign

Are you planning to revamp your Instagram strategy? If so, look for Instagram Ads to implement in your marketing plan. As Instagram is a prominent platform, there are plenty of reasons for businesses to try it out. Instagram monthly users have crossed over 1 billion people, and this makes sense to market your brand on this platform. If you start using Instagram marketing, then start to adopt Instagram Ads to advertise your business. Instagram Ads will target your new customers precisely with actionable insights. With an instant ad, you can promote your brand with a tap, achieve your marketing goals and leverage your business efficiently. Here read on this guide to explore the different Instagram Ads formats.

1. Photo Ads

A picture is worth more than a thousand words, where it conveys the information clearly to the audience. To enhance your favorite images and create unique visuals for your ads, you can use Instagram editing tools. Also, add the design elements to showcase your products and services. Whereas a clear, high-quality image will help to stand out in an Instagram feed. Typically, if the photos in the news feed seem interesting, users further investigate your product or site.

For each person, Instagram displays a specific ad by gathering information about what the person likes and follows. It means your marketing efforts are filtered to the right segment. Generally, it makes sense to advertise the product to the people interested in knowing your product or purchasing from you. Also, you can reap massive benefits if you partner with a trusted social media service provider. Trollishly is one of the recognized service providers that make your product visible and help you for steady growth.

2. Video Ads

Instagram video ads have the power to bring more customers to your site. A visually immersive quality of sight, sound, and motion of 60 seconds video will help users get a closer look at your brand, products, and services. Generally, short videos are more effective for your advertising campaign. Moreover, to draw more attention to your video ad, create the perfect caption. This helps consumers to understand the information clearly.

3. Carousel Ads

Carousel ads enable you to post multiple photos or videos in a single ad, and when the users swipe it, they get excited. It is sensible to use carousel ads to help your customers know about your products or services and bring trust to your business. If you are running a multiple-faceted business, then using carousel ads is worth it. You can share up to 10 images or videos, showcase various related products and tell multiple stories. It appears both in feed and Instagram stories with a swipe-up link or call-to-action button to direct users to your website.

4. Stories Ads

Instagram stories are a creative and engaging way to grab the users’ attention and drive more organic sales. You can use the Face filters, video effects, and animated elements on Instagram to make your story more imaginative and creative. It appears on the top when you open the Instagram app. As there are over 500 million daily Instagram users viewing stories, the story ads will let you go wild with your imagination. If you want your story ads to work better, you can buy automatic Instagram story views and engage your customers. Trollishly provide services to increase the visibility of your product and build your reach.

5. Ads In Explore

If you want to reach people in a discovery mindset, then exploring ads is the right option for you. It extends your feed ads to those who are looking forward to new accounts to follow. In addition, this ad allows businesses to be discovered by trendsetters and be a part of trending topics and culturally relevant.

6. IGTV Video Ads

Instagram’s newest installation comes with the IGTV, and most are wondering about this upgrade as it is another excellent advertisement place. Now, with the IGTV, users can upload videos of up to an hour in length. Today’s generation is more fascinated with streaming videos rather than instructions or a story. And this IGTV video ad will bring the users closer to stick with your service.

Wrapping It Up

Instagram provides a seamless opportunity to market your brand through your different ads. First, make sure what matters to your business and inspire new audiences with adjustable targeting options. Moreover, track your ad performance to learn what works and what you need to improve over time. Then, with clear insights, take advantage of different ad formats to connect with customers, engage them and reach your marketing goals.  

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