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Digital Marketing Trends of 2019

Do you have your own company which manufactures products or offers services? You want to outsmart your competitors, that is the reason, you have landed on this page. First of all, Congratulations! In this era of balancing job and family, you have chosen to be an entrepreneur. And yes, to make your product or service more visible, you have a digital marketing team. In this article, let us focus on the digital marketing trends of 2019.

Digital Marketing

Just imagine the scenario a decade ago. It was still the time for big hoardings in prominent places in any city. Advertisements on radio and television were the order of the day. Not to mention the distribution by pamphlets. The number of business organizations in any industry was few. They had loyal customers.

Recent Times

Marketing tactics began to change with social media platforms. A new way of advertising products and services came to the fore with social media platforms. For example, Facebook and Instagram. In this article of digital marketing trends of 2019, we will see the practices which can bring about changes in the advertisement industry.

Now let us look into some of the digital marketing trends of 2019.

Before going to the details, let us look at the changes in the field of digital marketing.

  1. Content Marketing

Yes, you have the social media platforms. But content on your website is also important. The reason, your website is the representative of the company. And you need content for all types of business. Do not forget the fact, that the proper words on your banners for Facebook can create quite an impact. It is “content” for emails, social media marketing and even in keyword searches. You need to have a content marketing strategy to compete in many sectors.

  1. Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning

One of the new entries to the digital marketing trends of 2019. Now AI tools will run ads on Facebook. It can also give you the best results on:

  • The time to post on social media platforms
  • Target only specific audiences
  • Give information on words that can make the target customer opt for call-for-action
  1. Email Marketing

Well, an old entry. But definitely, email marketing has been there for over a decade. And it has always proved effective in attracting customers for B2B and B2C companies. The change for 2019 lies in the timing of emails sent to prospective customers. Also, in old times, the same content went to many persons. In 2019, every mail will have a personalization stamp and chosen words. Yes, automation is the reason.

  1. Big Data Analytics (gaining information on marketing/customer insights and analytics)

Yes, Big data has made a splash as many companies have understood the importance of using information for getting leads and generating revenue. But yes, this will generally be useful for large companies. Even small companies can gain benefits from this method.

  1. Conversion Rate Optimization

This topic has moved to the top level. It is true. You can invest huge money on advertisements. You can also hire the best professional for your company, and post on many platforms. But the leads have to come, and the revenue generated. Your marketing team can have hordes of data piled in their computers about timings of customers and festivals. But if the data does not get converted to revenue, then every asset and aspect you have is a waste. A smart businessman should know how to generate money from data. For conversion rate optimization, you need to

  • Address/contact the customer in simple language
  • Your product/service should cater to the customer need. You need to work on the data and focus on the customer-centric approach
  • Associate yourself with like-minded industries. Make your product/service a brand.
  • Remove spending money on unwanted practices in marketing.
  • Your advertisement banner should cater to the customer. The color, tone, and words. Every aspect is important.

The last but not the least, your customer should get the best experience.

  1. Omnichannel Marketing

In recent times, you need to make your product or service more visible to the public. So, you need to have an account on all the social media platforms. You have to post on a daily basis. Then you can get regular engagements and build a visibility part with the customer.

  1. Accelerated Mobile Pages

Yes, Google has specified that there will be no change in the rankings. To sustain in the industry, you need to move as per the times. And the first rule, you need to have a mobile responsive website. E-commerce is the order of the day. Even brands like Flipkart have admitted that a major part of their sales come via online purchases. If you do not have a mobile responsive website, then even the loyal customer will shift to other websites.

Mobile Apps

A lot of articles do not have this topic, but apps pull customers by the hundreds. And 2016, you can call it as the year of apps. At present, if you have a restaurant, food delivery service (similar to Swiggy) or doorstep repair service companies such as bro4u, then an app is essential. If a customer wants a service or needs food, he/she can easily make the booking via the app and also transfer money. The app acts as a common platform for you and the customer. You get the profit and he/she gets the service. So, the number of apps is bound to increase in 2019.

  1. Search Marketing Trends

Google is the top search engine. All its algorithms aimed on one concept, give the best experience to the user. So, experts tell that the next algorithm may be on the speed of websites. If your website is very slow, then you may face the penalization charges. So, ensure that the person who comes to your website gets the best experience.


So, listed above are some of the best digital marketing trends of 2019. Let us assume a situation. You have a home maintenance company which provides laptop repair in Pune. Now, other than traditional methods, you also want to try digital marketing methods to reach more customers. After reading this article, you have had a discussion with the entire team. Even the finance team as well the investors have given their approval. Now, the job left is implementation. We wish the company a GREAT SUCCESS!

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