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Ever Green Upholstery, Refinishing And Furniture Restoration Company

Salona Upholstery has left a mark in the areas of furniture repair, upholstery and refinishing services, by providing these services for over 40 years. We have been operating in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Delaware, and New Jersey. We are here for all your furniture and woodwork needs.

Our extensive range of services includes:

  • Furniture upholstery
  • Refinishing antiques
  • Frames for chairs, tables, headboards, beds etc.
  • Custom pillows and cushions

We provide furniture at large scale to commercial clients as well including schools, offices, and hotels. We also have services like touch ups, paintings, webbing repairs, and staining. Before getting started, our team conducts a survey questionnaire in order to determine the client’s needs and requirements. Once they have made sure that the client has conveyed their vision they get to work. Customer satisfaction is always a priority and we aim at providing consistent service to all our clients.

Upholster services

Upholstery may be an old technique however it is a desirable furniture solution. For those who may be bored of their furniture’s current look can simply change it up by getting it to upholster. It allows customization and hence more satisfaction to homeowners.

After careful examination, our team can determine whether the furniture can be upholstered at your house or if it requires extensive services that can be only given at the workshop. If the furniture needs to be taken to the workshop, the transit will be arranged by our workers themselves.

Refinishing west Chester PA

We at Salono Upholstery are master in fine craftsmanship and delicate designs. Our work is really detail oriented and we ensure the use of the highest quality products. Our quality has made us stand out and do consistent business since our inception up to four decades. We are the service to approach for refinishing in Delaware and Refinishing in West Chester PA areas.

For clients wanting to avail refinishing in Delaware, our team can visit your house and provide your furniture the required finishing services. If the wear and tear is less, a fine coat of polish is sufficient. However, if the damage is more and our experts feel like it needs more than polish then a coat of lacquer is done to give your furniture a fine brand new look.

Furniture repair

If your furniture got damage due to some reason and you are not ready to invest in a brand new piece as yet or want to keep it for sentimental reasons, we are the place to confer. We offer furniture repair services. We can fix it up and make it even better.

The best thing about our service is that it comes to you. All you have to do is make a call, sit back and relax while our expert gets to work right under your roof. Our on-site facilities help increase our credibility and provide a rapid fix to their furniture. You can reach us on the provided number 215-625-8888, email us or fill out the contact form in case of queries.

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