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Best Gold Necklaces to gift your beloved ones

In 2021 the main things that are trending in men’s accessories are gold chains and pendants. Although gold chains were not a statement jewelry piece for about 12 years. But in 2021, gold chains are in style and very much in demand. Almost all the men who have a fashion sense and love to style themselves have a statement gold chain. 

The gold chains are so versatile that you can wear them with almost all outfits. You can pair the gold chains with a suit; you can even wear it with your casual T-shirt to give it an edgy look. It is a way for men to express their style and create their fashion. Gold chains can be can very thoughtful gift if you want to gift someone special. 

Best Gold Necklaces to give as a Gift: 

Gold chains can be can very thoughtful gift if you want to gift someone special. There are many different gold chains that you can give to your loved ones according to their style. Let’s have a look at some trending and different types of gold necklaces

  1. Miami/Cuban Style Gold Chain: 

If your beloved one likes something trendy and wants to jump on the bandwagon, then Cuba or Miami style gold chains can be a perfect chain style for them. This form of the chain is very popular in U.S, New York, and Los Angeles. The Cuban style chain started becoming popular in 2018, and now this style of the chain has become the most demanded type of gold chain. 

As the name suggests, this Miami or Cuban style gold chain first became popular in Miami. Miami took inspiration from Cuban fashion, and then the Cuban or Miami gold chain came into fashion in the early 2000s. This chain is known for the flat and twisted locks that are linked together to form the chain. One of the biggest reasons the Cuban style is popular is because it can last a very long time because of the strong interlocking of the chain. Due to the masculine and bold structure of the chain, the men appreciate this as it represents their personality. Hence, if your beloved one is a fashion enthusiast and loves to follow fashion trends, this can be the best option as a gift. 

  1. Curb Link Chain: 

Another trendy chain that you can gift a special person is the curb link chain. Just like the Cuban Gold Chain, this chain is also very famous due to its tight interlocks. The tight interlocks also make this type of chain durable and long-lasting. You can style the Curb Link Chains with almost any outfit, and it will give your outfit a sophisticated and edgy look. 

Women also appreciate this type of gold chain because these chains come in various thicknesses. Hence you will see women wearing the thinner version of the curb link chains. The chunkier and flashy Curb-Link Chain is mostly for men. So, if you are looking for something durable and want to invest only one time, then the Curb Link Gold Chains are the best option to opt for. 

  1. Figaro Gold Chain: 

Figaro Gold Chain can be an amazing way out if you consider something elegant and small gold chain as a gift. The Figaro Gold Chain is a classic Italian Gold Chain design. It means that Italy is the originating place of this chain. This type of gold chain can go well with T-shirts, suits, and other formal outfits. Both men, as well as women, can also wear this chain. 

Figaro Gold Chain is a type of Curb Gold Chain, but the main difference between the two is the linking of the locks. This chain includes a long lock of chains followed by smaller links that are flattened out through a twist. Hence, because of so many locks and links in the chain, they can withhold a nice amount of force; hence, it will break from any tugging. 

This chain is available in different widths; therefore, you can go for thicker and chunkier options if you want something masculine. Whereas for elegance and class, you can opt the thin version of the chain. It will be a fantastic present for someone who loves to enhance their outfits with accessories. 

  1. Cable Gold Chains: 

Looking for something classic or ancient style, then go for the Cable Gold Chain. Cable chains can be the best option to invest in as they as the safest option. They have been in the trend for many years, and they are likely to stay in fashion for many upcoming years. This classic style is known for its strong chain, and you can pair it with almost any outfit. The identical locks and linked together form a chunky and thick chain that is a sign of masculinity.

The Cable Gold Chains are popular with both men as well as women. Since these chains are generally long, you can wear them by layering them. Other than that, if this chain gets broken, its repair is relatively less than that of other chains. Hence, this chain is a great mixture of versatility and boldness. 

  1. Franco Gold Chain: 

Now, this is something different than all the other types of chains that are mentioned. The Franco Gold Chain is a lot chunkier and thicker than all the other ones. The Franco chain is similar to the curb chain, but this has four sides, and the design is V-shaped. The V-shape of this chain is made so that the locks are more compact, due to which we get a very strong-looking gold chain. 

If you are looking for something big and masculine to gift to your loved one, then this can be an amazing gift. It looks amazing when paired with another necklace to give a layering effect. You can pair these with any dress to give you a rich and fancy feel. 

These are some great gold chains that can be an amazing gift for your beloved ones. These chains are strong and look very masculine. You can even add some gold or diamond pendants. If your significant other is religious but loves fashion, then you can even opt for gold crosses as pendants. You can check out for some amazing gold necklaces and gold crosses to buy as a gift.

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