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CBD Oil For Dogs And Why It Helps

It is true in so many ways that when we hear the saying, a dog is a man’s best friend, it seems that way more than we’d like to admit. This may be the fact that chilling and relaxing are two things both parties have in common, or the notion that when men tend to vent a dog simply listens, lets them get it all out, and then both move on. Win-win.

No matter the reason your pup is sitting next to your leg diligently waiting for the ‘go’ command, we know they will always be there for us no matter what and the least we can do is give them the best life that they deserve. They ask for nothing in return for their unconditional love and taking on the responsibility of being a pet owner means to love and care in all aspects of their lives.


We tend to think that a stroll in the park every day and a meal at the end of it will suffice, so let’s just set the record straight once and for all. Dog’s livelihood and nutrition go hand in hand with their optimal bodily functions, the same as for us, and a properly balanced lifestyle with enough physical activities and nutrients is essential in his longevity.

Cooking food may be a family event each evening and if so, wonderful, if not then some thought may need to go into how best to incorporate natural and organic ingredients into your family and pet’s diet.

Dogs have no say or inclination about what is or isn’t nutritious so it is up to us to play the role of caregiver with essential research into wholesome, home-grown products. We want food items that are pesticide and toxin-free, that have been ethically harvested and manufactured, and all by a firm that believes that good food ingredients and products can be achieved without harmful chemicals.

You ideally want to implement CBD oil in your pet’s diet as an alternative to the medical veterinary prescriptions you may have been given or prescribed, as it not only grows naturally in nature but has been used for centuries aiding humans and animals alike for ailments or medical conditions. 

A dose of Cannabidiol could be all it takes to change the quality of life your pet is living, from lethargic, lackluster days to mornings filled with energy and delight. It has been shown to improve overall morale, enhanced moods, and a brighter outlook for the future. Your dog can set off into his golden years with a smile on his face.

The wonders of the CBD plant.

The endocannabinoid system or in other words the (read about it here ) is in both humans and animals the difference being that dogs essentially have more receptors in the brains than we do and thus are more open to the effects and results of components what we know as THC or CBD- also referred to as the phytocannabinoids. 

An overdose of either element can have severe side effects and damage the health of your dog so it is vitally important to check the packaging labels of the products you are purchasing and ensuring you are using a reputable supplier. 

Too often we simply believe what the clever ad campaigns and sales gimmicks tell us about products and new ingredients on the market and without doing our homework, the long-term effects may be seen only years later and in most cases likely to be irreversible.

CBD has a long list of documented and recorded health advantages and if it can help your pup be stress-free, pain-free, and without severe anxiety episodes then what have you got to lose? Success stories are pouring in daily of pet owners raving about the drastic changes they saw in their once pain-ridden dogs to now trotting happily alongside the pushchair on the daily walks through the park.

Other pet owners have commented on the luxuriousness of the pet’s fur, it is thicker and fuller, and has a shine to it as if they have just left the puppy spa. CBD in a dog’s diet will change their life and it is easier to implement than you think.

How to get started.

If you are a beginner CBD user and even more so have no idea how to work your way around a kitchen the best option is to start slow and build from there. Find a basic doggy biscuit recipe (flop-proof option in this link if you need), bake a batch cutting into squares, or if you’re feeling adventurous into bone shapes, and simply drop the measured –very important step- of CBD oil onto the baked cookies to soak in. Give it to the pup and he is none the wiser.

You get to add health positives to his diet without having to wrestle his mouth open to drop the oil under his tongue and make sure he swallows it all, and he gets a treat that is always welcomed.

As you progress and the treats are going down well, you can try your hand at new dinnertime meals and incorporating the oil into the cooked dish. This way you know they have the full dosage working inside them because dogs are yet to leave food in their bowls at dinner, am I right? They have full tummies and you’ve ticked the box of adding essential nutrients and vitamins into their diets.

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