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Why as A Woman You Are Not Able to Orgasm

As part of your vaginal health, it is vital to know if you orgasm or not. Why is it that female orgasm is mysterious and is dismissed as a topic of discussion? For complete sexual satisfaction, both men and women should experience an orgasm. Sadly, women are left in the unknown on details about orgasms, and sex may not be as pleasurable for most of them. Do you struggle to orgasm? Have you ever had an orgasm and you no longer can now? Learn more on Swell about sexual issues and below are more reasons why you cannot orgasm. 

Medical conditions 

Some medical conditions can make it impossible and sometimes difficult to orgasm. As an example, multiple sclerosis can affect your ability to climax. Thus, it is best to seek treatment early to improve your sexual life. Also, some medications can hinder your ability to orgasm. Including antihistamines and antidepressants are known to depress orgasms. Therefore, it is best to consult with your doctor to get a review of the effects of the medication on your sexual health as well.

Alcohol intake 

If you take too much alcohol, it will affect your chances of getting an orgasm. This is because it will impact the blood flow to your clitoris which requires stimulation to reach orgasm. Additionally, too much smoking can have an impact too. For this reason, if you wish to reach orgasm and these are your lifestyle habits. Consider how much alcohol your drinking and how much you smoke to how it is affecting your sex life. 

Mental well being

Did you know your mental wellbeing can affect your ability to climax? For instance, if you are suffering from anxiety or depression, it may be difficult for you to reach an orgasm. If this is the case, talk to your partner and seek help to improve your sexual life. Through visiting a sex therapist, they can help in counseling and also prescribe cognitive behavior therapy for your mental wellbeing. 

Poor body image 

Not being confident of your body has adverse effects on your sex life. Many women think their partners understand how they feel about their body image. But it affects them more than their partner. No confidence in your skin will only inhibit your ability to be in the moment. Simply because negative thoughts will prevent you from letting go and make your physical the focus instead of the intimacy. Seek ways to feel more confident and enjoy sex and full orgasms. 

Poor communication 

How is your communication with your partner? Do you tell him what you want and how you like it? If the communication is poor, you will not have good sex or reach orgasm. Note that your partner is not a mind reader, if you do not communicate to them, they will not know what you want. Be encouraging, positive, and non-critical as you approach this subject. Also, be clear and direct instead of being ambiguous. You can show them or give specific instructions nicely and you will notice a change. 

Sexual stimulation 

Sometimes how you are stimulated during sex could be the reason you find it difficult to orgasm. It is also one of the many common reasons women do not orgasm. All bodies are similar, but preferences in self-exploration are different and thus it is best to work out what feels best for you. To build sensations and pleasure, this should be all over your body not just your genitals. Most sexual therapists agree that women do not climax only from penetration, but they need clitoral stimulation to reach orgasm. For this reason, sexual foreplay is vital and other things that increase arousal. 

Social pressures 

Today there are many social pressures. Whether it is financial, stress, work hardships, among many others. All these can affect your sex life and as a result your ability to orgasm. To add on, this includes relationship issues. More so, where there is conflict and mistrust issues that are not addressed yet. In such a case, seek couples counseling or sex therapy. When your relationship is healthy, your sex life is also healthy as you can communicate with ease.

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