Best Places Where You Can Still Go to in Covid Pandemic

Travelling during the covid pandemic? It seems close to impossible! But the truth is, tourism is starting to bounce back. Little by little, countries begin to open their shores to visitors. With health protocols and safety measures in place, the governments of selected countries have announced that their doors are ready to accept guests. 

Being confined for several months now because of the coronavirus threat, people are exploring options where to go. Whether you want to spend your honeymoon outside the country or treat yourself and your loved ones for a vacation, or just take a moment for yourself, here are recommended places to go in covid pandemic:

Savor the Sun and the Sea in Grenada

If you want to be on the beach and still be safe, bask yourself in the white sand while taking a sip of your favorite drink in Grenada. Take a moment to enjoy the clear skies, fresh breeze, and the beauty of the sea. Grenada is blessed not only with beautiful white sand beaches but also with lush gardens and mountains, breathtaking waterfalls, and unforgettable dive sites. The Isle of Spice offer offers a vibrant culture, sumptuous food, and superb hospitality. Sunshine is throughout the year, and it waits for you on the Caribbean seas. Check this flowflex antigen.

Grenada is one of the countries with a low risk of covid-19, which makes it a safe place to be. Before flying, you need to fill out a pre-travel form and download the Ronatrac contact tracing app.  Upon arrival, you will need to stay at your hotel for a minimum of four days for observation and quarantine. On the fourth day, you can get a PCR test to be allowed to be with the community. You can also opt to forego the test and stay at the hotel for the duration of your visit.  

Do the Extremes in Dubai

Conquer your fear of heights by visiting the highest building in the world, Burj Khalifa in Dubai. If you want to do extreme, see the futuristic landscape of the city by doing skydiving. Aside from the skycrapers, experience the desert safari and try to ride a camel. Be mesmerized when you visit their miracle garden where you get to be surrounded by millions of flowers. Extravagant experiences await for you in the city amidst the desert. 

Dubai has taken recognized measures to contain the spread of the coronavirus and ensures the safety of its visitors. The city also has advanced health facilities, just in case worse things happen. To pursue your visit, you need to register your ‘health declaration’ on an app before your trip. Bring with you the negative PCR test within 96 hours of boarding, and have health insurance for you to enter the city.  

Go for Adventure in Tanzania

Have you been dreaming of doing a safari and being one with the wild animals in their habitat? Or do you want to reach the highest peak in Africa, the Mount Kilimanjaro? How about being in adventure while enjoying the white sandy beaches of Zanzibar? If you are like me who had these things on the bucket list, wait no more as Tanzania welcomes global tourists to do all the above. 

To make the adventure come true, you need to complete a Health Surveillance Form and undergo screening, which may include Covid-19 test upon arrival to Tanzania. 

Immerse in Taiwan’s Culture

Taiwan may be a small country but it offers big experiences. Take the world’s fastest elevator and see Taipei on a  360-degree bird’s eye view from Taipei 101. Know more of Taiwan’s history through the city’s excellent museum. Taste the oriental dishes with modern fusion, whether on classy restaurants or from the street food stalls in Taipei’s night market. Listen to stories as you visit temples or the isolated aboriginal tribe of Orchid Island. If you want more, Taipei has a full plate to make you want to visit again. 

As you visit, Taiwan requires you to present a certificate of a negative COVID-19 test result taken within three working days before your arrival. You may also need to observe a 14-day home quarantine period. The local health officials will check in on you and record the information on a Health Status Record form during your isolation.

Get New Experiences in Greenland

When you have been to many places, and you want something new, Greenland is for you. The country invites you to unforgettable nature experiences with the assurance of safety and beauty, which makes it perfect as one of the places to go in covid pandemic.  Witness the northern lights dancing in the sky and see up close the impressive iceberg in the fjord formed from the great Greenlandic ice sheet. 

Greenland has very few cases of covid infection, and the tour operators have prepared thoroughly by setting new health guidelines to welcome tourists again.  The government and tourism industry work hand in hand to give the best experience for guests who want to spend their holiday in the country. 

Travelling is still a challenge for many during this time. As more countries open up to tourists, it is possible to make memorable trips amidst the covid pandemic. It is still recommended to take precautionary measures as you plan and complete your travel. Choose the best place, and most importantly, choose self. 

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