Best Dishes for New Year Evening Celebrations

In just a few more days the world will welcome a new year, with a new set of hopes, ambitions, and expectations. New Year’s Eve is the ideal time for looking back to all to the memories of this year. Excited, happy, sad hopeless each encounter and moment that made 2018 come flashing by as we prepare ourselves to bid a farewell to this eventful year. If you wish to arrange a party at New Year’s Eve and bid farewell to this year with a bang, then there cannot be a better way to do this with delicious food. We know some of you might not be a good cook that is why we are also going to add something that you can order online. Here is the list of delicacies which can be a good option for your new year’s party:

Murgh Malai Kebabs
These boneless chicken skewers make a perfect way to start the New Year; this is an oven friendly dish you need to marinate the meat for 24 hours to prepare this dish. So make sure you have proper preparations beforehand. You can also cook them in advance and store them, just reheat it during your party. Serve it with drinks and nibbles. You can try local dishes for ordering online with Swiggy Discount Coupons to have great discounted rates at your doorsteps.

Onion Pakoras
Onion pakoras are an evergreen Indian snack and are a party favorite. These go very well with hot chai (tea) and everyone loves tea during cold winter nights. To prepare the mixture for these in advance and fry them fresh when your party is started. Because cold onion pakoras are something which no one likes trust me.

Chingri Malai Kari
If you and your guests are into seafood then the Bengali prawn curry in coconut milk is a perfect dish for your party. Go find the largest prawns in your nearest fish market and get ready to impress your guests.

Chicken Shami Kebab
Succulent and tender minced patty served with delicious chutney prepared with mint is the classics Indian starter for which we all are guilty of losing our hearts to each time we see them served in front of us. You can easily cook these delicious mouth-watering kebabs at home it is an easy recipe. Start your party with a blast with this recipe.

Konkani Grilled Fish
Again seafood lovers especially fish lovers raise your hands. This delicious fish dish prepared with sea bass fillets grilled to perfection and coated with Konkani spices is the ideal treat to close the year. Serve it with orange salad and enjoy.

Awadhi Mutton Biryani
I have awadh mutton biriyani as the main course for my new year’s party. You can never have too much of biriyani.

Paneer Afghani
Soft paneer cubes marinated in a creamy blend of cashews, melon seeds, poppy seeds, butter, and cream. This delicious tandoori cuisine is sure to make your party awesome.

Dhaba Da Keema
Dhaba Da Keema has something that makes this be the highlight of every party. This delicious heartwarming delicacy is made from the eclectic whole spices, minced mutton and is topped with oodles of butter. This fuss-free recipe is sure to leave your guests wanting for more in your new year’s party.

Cheese Balls
This is easy to make party snack which is well liked by people from every age group. This delicious snack is all about cheese crunch and oodles of decadence. For vegetarians, this is an ideal snack.

For someone who can’t cook or just do not want to cook and enjoy the party, a pizza from dominos or pizza hut is just the ideal option. You can get special discounts during New Year eve time and you can also use Dominos Coupons to get additional discounts.

So, with this, every list for the food of New Year party ends. Choose the one which suits your taste and go rock the party.

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