5 Menu Ideas for an Adult Birthday Party

You might think “Hey, this is my birthday, I’ll eat what I want”, but if you’re hosting, remember to be creative and generous to avoid ‘hangry’ guests. No matter the type of your party, there are always some easy ideas you can prepare and impress everyone attending your big day. So, here are a few adult party menu items that will definitely leave the right impression. 

Veggie shots 

Crudité platters are a great idea for birthday parties, but if you want to keep your guests mingling, you need to provide them with something highly portable. So, reinvent your crudité and arrange little shot glasses filled with veggies and dips. Cut veggies like cucumber, carrot, bell pepper and celery into small strips, put them in a shot glass filled with hummus or whipped goat cheese and let your guests toast to your health. 

Creative wraps 

While sandwiches are always a great idea for any kind of birthday party, they might be a little overused. So, if you want to be more original with your menu, why not ditch sandwiches and opt for fun little wraps. You can be very creative with your fillings. Tortilla wraps go well with everything from turkey ham and cream cheese to fresh veggies and tofu. Cut your wraps into pinwheels, color-code your cocktail picks (green for vegetarian options, red for ham, yellow for shrimp and so on) and let your guests savor these little bites. They are easy to grab and shove into mouth while dancing and mingling, so it’s a perfect menu option for all active birthday parties. 

Gourmet lasagna 

If you’re planning a fancy dinner with your dearest friends and family members, opt for something stylish and impressive and prepare a sit-down meal. However, you don’t want to spend your entire evening slaving over a hot stove! So, instead, choose recipes that can be prepared in advance, heated up and enjoyed without a fuss. A menu that contains a light veggie soup and gourmet lasagna with mushrooms and spicy lamb sausage will not only impress with its complexity but also leave every tummy full and satisfied. Hearty meals like this go best with a glass of rich red. Luckily, you don’t have to waste time roaming around your city for a perfect bottle. You can order quality wine online in Australia and impress your guests with your excellent vino offer. Finish the meal with a sweet taste in your mouth with a light raspberry cake and some white wine. 

Rich cheese plate

If the star of your party is wine, you don’t have to take it too far with food. What you really need is something that will go well with your drink—so, cheese! Everyone loves cheese (sorry, lactose-intolerant people) and you can find so many different varieties that will keep things fresh and exciting. Make sure to include all different tastes and textures like 

  • aged (cheddar, gouda, gruyere)
  • soft (brie, camembert, burrata) 
  • crumbly (goat, feta) 
  • firm (Parmigiano, manchego) 
  • smoked (smoked gouda, smoked cheddar, provolone) 
  • blue (gorgonzola, Roquefort, Stilton) 

Provide guests with some crackers, crudité and fruit spreads and your cheese plate is ready to be devoured—we all know cheese is so addictive! 

Chocolate and strawberries 

If you want to give your guests something healthy yet sophisticated for dessert, there’s no better option than to go old-school and choose chocolate-dipped strawberries. They look amazing, taste even better and are very easy to make. Pair them with some champagne and you’ll have a simple yet super elegant dessert. 

These amazing menu items will not only allow you to treat your guests to only the best foods but also give you plenty of time to enjoy your party and have a fun and exciting birthday you definitely deserve. 

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