5 Interesting Cairn Terrier Facts

Have you always wished for a canine companion? Even though the selection of dog breeds is extensive, Cairn Terriers are listed among the most superior pets. These animals feature an energetic temperament, remarkable intelligence, and tenacity. 

Cairn Terriers aren’t just sensible but independent as well. They live up to seventeen years if cared for responsibly by receiving proper exercise, playing with safe toys, eating nutritious food, etc. 

Have a look at five interesting facts about these fun and loving animals.

Do they shed?

An interesting Cairn terrier fact linked to shedding is that these canines shed minimally compared to other dog breeds. In fact, this breed is referring to as hypoallergenic, causing no allergy symptoms in pet owners. This makes Cairn Terriers ideal companions for old and young dog lovers. 

Furthermore, these animals are popular for its dense coat, which is directly responsible for minimal shedding. Also, due to their small size, individuals come across fewer allergens when coming in contact with them. Consequently, you won’t have any concerns related to dog allergies, which manifest with symptoms like itching and swelling in the nose and eye area, skin redness, shortness of breath, coughing, rashes, nasal congestion, facial pressure, etc. Read more about the symptoms, causes, and natural remedies of dog allergies. 

Cairn Terriers are known for their ability to produce minimal amounts of dander and allergens. As a result, the risk of allergies, infections, and colds is also minimal. By adopting such a pet, you won’t have to fear any health problems 

Are they aggressive?

Most individuals are curious about the aggressiveness of dog breeds prior to making their choice of pet. When it comes to aggression, Cairn Terriers are thought to show signs of hostility towards other pets but rarely to humans. Their bossy personality makes them chase felines, vermin, and other animals, which is why they need to be supervised when outdoors. 

Nevertheless, as opposed to their aggressive behavior around animals, Cairn Terriers can be absolutely affectionate and gentle, especially with children. These small canines would never do any harm to kids owing to their lovable temperament. By establishing a good relationship with them, these dogs can become the most loyal and loving family companions. 

Upon adopting such puppies, owners are advised to start training them immediately so as to ensure they develop a well-mannered behavior. Pet parents aren’t supposed to show signs of weakness at any time, as Cairn Terriers will take advantage of their weakness. The most effective way to suppress their bossy character is through obedience training. See this website,, to discover three tips for training a Cairn terrier puppy. 

Do they bark?

Another interesting fact connected to Cairn Terriers is their excessive barking. These lively canines are relatively vocal, meaning they aren’t the most appropriate choice of pet for individuals fond of peace and quiet. The root of barking is believed to be their hunting instinct, as these dogs were bred to hunt small animals and rodents. 

In addition, some of the other causes of barking include loneliness, boredom, and fear. They also tend to bark when alarming owners of a potential threat. While there is no possible way to prevent Cairn Terriers from barking completely, there are some ways to minimize this behavior. 

For instance, owners should ensure these pets get enough daily exercise, are kept busy most of the time, have their minds engaged, etc. Not only the physical but also the intellectual and emotional needs of these creatures should be met to prevent excessive barking. 

Do they have many health problems?

The lifespan of Cairn Terriers ranges between twelve and seventeen years, during which period they are generally healthy. Nevertheless, there are some health issues commonly observed in these animals by breeders and veterinarians, such as corneal dystrophy, cataracts, diabetes, hypothyroidism, lens luxation, luxating patella, etc. 

Other health conditions that might be observed in Cairn Terriers include broncho esophageal fistula, progressive retinal atrophy, Krabbe disease, soft tissue sarcoma, ocular melanosis, lion jaw, and others. Potential pet owners should look for Cairn Terrier guides, which explain the most common health problems related to this breed. Anyhow, these health problems can be prevented by keeping the lifestyle of these animals healthy. They should be provided with regular exercise between forty-five minutes and one hour a day. 

Do they have special diet requirements?

Cairn Terriers have a high chance of becoming overweight, hence requiring special attention in terms of a balanced diet. Kibble is the right choice of food for this breed, as it prevents tartar buildup, which later results in tooth decay. Meat should be among the main ingredients of kibble, as it provides a sufficient amount of protein. 

Nevertheless, the diet plan is also expected to include vegetable ingredients that supply the necessary amount of fiber. The food you choose for your adorable companion should be free of preservatives, meaning it shouldn’t contain carcinogenic ingredients like BHT and BHA. 

The amount of food must be measured carefully and divided into two meals. It depends on the activity levels and age of dogs, as puppies consume more food than senior canines. You should come up with a special diet plan and adhere to it until your puppy turns nine months. 

In conclusion

You’ll never be bored by having a Cairn for a pet. 

They are fun to be around and shower their owners with lots of affection!

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