How much does it cost to buy supplies for a dog?

Dog supplies have a practical sense as clothing for humans. A stylish collar will attract attention and won’t leave your pet unnoticed at the exhibition, a functional collar equipped with a QR tag won’t let your doggy get lost during the walk.

How to buy dog collars online?

Different collars can help you to solve a variety of problems, from adjusting your pet’s behavior to fighting parasites. Therefore, all dog owners who encounter them sooner or later think about where to buy dog supplies and how much this or that item costs. Functionality and price also play an important role, because the dog is a member of the family and needs the best quality. Everything depends on your demands, obviously the collar inlaid with Swarovski crystals will cost a little more than the collar with an attractive watermelon pattern. provides dog supplies for any taste and budget!

Dog supplies are divided into groups designed for different purposes:

  • for everyday usage,
  • for exhibition,
  • for special events,
  • for training
  • for puppies.

The following items belong to essential dog supplies:

  • collars,
  • leashes,
  • harnesses,
  • muzzles,
  • retractable leashes,
  • various hardware.

Every dog ​​needs the following gear: a leash / retractable leash and a collar / harness. The rest already depends on the breed of the dog, its character, the environment where the dog lives, and the owner’s preferences.

Your choice also depends on the age of the pet, dog supplies should be changed over the years. For example, it’s better to choose the light option as the first leash, the length of which does not exceed a couple of meters. Subsequently, it can become longer and heavier, or be replaced by a retractable leash, which gives more freedom for your fluffy friend. The collar size is also important: it should be comfortable for the dog and exclude the possibility of injury. To buy dog collar online and don’t  be mistaken with the size, follow a simple two fingers rule.

Buy dog accessories for dog wisely with Waudog

Online shopping is associated with great risks, there is always a fear that reality will not meet expectations. But how to save money on dog supplies, and what criteria you should consider at first. Firstly, pay attention to the product page, does it have a detailed size guide? Dog comfort is a priority for every owner. 

Buy dog harness online and peace of mind included. 

Thirdly, we provide free delivery for orders over $50. Buy a look and don’t pay for delivery. It’s more profitable to buy several items at the same time. And last, we provide a lifetime warranty on all our hardware. Just contact us and we will solve any problem and replace an item. 

We love our clients and do everything possible, so that each person has the opportunity to buy our items for beloved little ones. 

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