5 Alternative Jobs To Get You Out of the Classroom

Teachers play an essential role in our societies by preparing young generations for success in future endeavors. However, just like many professions, teaching as we know it has undergone a massive transformation, mainly in how teachers go about their jobs. 

Though teaching is a gratifying and valued profession, for some tutors, classroom teaching significantly impacts their lifestyle choices, leaving them with little choice but to seek alternative career paths. This piece provides detailed information on the opportunities available to teachers besides classroom engagements.

If you’re looking for a change, here are five alternative jobs for teachers that require skills you already possess as a teacher.

  1. Education consulting

Education consulting has plenty of avenues that teachers can explore for more freedom in their careers. Today many schools appreciate the role of professional development in the education sector. Tutors can approach such institutions and conduct professional development sessions. Consulting companies are always seeking to hire freelance teachers to work as independent contractors. Here you can do webinars and tutor students online, all with the added convenience of setting your hourly rates.

  1. Life coach and mentorship

There are many similarities between teaching and life coaching. Both professions aim to assist students in discovering themselves, set goals, and work towards them. However, unlike teaching, life coaching sessions rarely take place in classrooms. Even better, you can work at multiple learning institutions, some even outside your district. For senior teachers, you can also mentor struggling tutors and those on probation to help them succeed in their teaching careers.

  1. Offer tutoring services to prisons and detention centers

While many people might shy away from a teaching job in a prison or detention center for fear of their safety, these jobs can be quite rewarding and satisfying. Inmates can be some of the most motivated students you’ll encounter. Additionally, you get the satisfaction of making a big difference in the lives of many inmates and children. Inmates also value their tutors and will often go out of their way to make tutors feel safe and comfortable.

  1. Become a preschool or daycare teacher

Working with kids can be fun and often provides a different form of a challenge compared to tutoring teenagers. For example, daycares usually have smaller classroom sizes, have well-defined working hours, and tutors rarely take work home. Additionally, centers for disabled children are always looking to hire teachers on a part-time or full-time basis.

  1. Work as an online educator

Online tutoring has been a game-changer for many teachers. Today, teachers offer tutoring services on virtual platforms to students worldwide while earning a handsome wage. To get started, build your profile on social media and acquire your clients to determine your working hours and preferred salary.

With burnout and demoralization on the rise among classroom teachers, the above alternatives can provide a way out. Guidance counseling, community director, librarian, and museum educator are some other avenues. Visit websites like to discover even more exciting opportunities for classroom tutors.

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