10 Halloween Makeup Ideas for Kids

Halloween is one of the best holidays of the year and is quickly approaching. If you have kids, chances are they’ve been looking forward to dressing up, doing festive Halloween makeup and collecting their favorite candy all year long. Keep reading to discover 10 easy, fun, and even spooky makeup ideas for kids to try this year.

10 Best Halloween Makeup Ideas for Kids

1. Zombie

All you need for this scary and spooky look is a little pencil eyeliner, fake blood (with either lipstick or dye), and some red, green or blue eye shadow. Add a little gelatin to give your zombie that “back from the dead” look.

2. Mermaid

This scaly, under-the-sea makeup look is a showstopper. Use a sponge to create fish-like scales on your child’s neck and add a little eye glitter for a magical finish.

3. Clown

Clown face paint is simple and colorful. Break out your makeup brushes and add in some white paint around your child’s eyes and mouth and finish off with two big blush circles.

4. Vampire

For this undead costume, all you need is a little white face paint to create a classic pale look. Add a few drops of fake blood with lipstick, some smudgy black eyeshadow around their eyes and a pair of glow-in-the-dark fangs.

5. Spider

If you’re looking to show off your artistic prowess, draw an intricate spider web near your child’s eye with black eyeliner. Add some sparkly eyeshadow to make the cobweb pop and some mascara for that spidery look.

6. Puppy

If your child loves animals, they will love this easy, adorable puppy dog makeup look. Get some brown and white face paint and draw one big brown spot around your child’s eye. Give them a black nose and draw some whiskers, freckles, and extra doggy hairs with black eyeliner.

7. Princess or Prince

Use some yellow face paint to give your little prince or princess a sparkling crown, complete with stick-on jewels or sparkly eyeshadow. Add in some white accents around their eyes and finish off with glittering lipstick or lip gloss.

8. Pirate

Your child will feel like their very own buccaneer with this fun and festive look. Draw in a fancy mustache with eyeliner or face paint and even add in a fake black or brown face paint beard. Don’t forget the eye patch!

9. Bumblebee

Break out your yellow and green eyeshadow and draw in some decorative black swirls on your child’s forehead. You can even do a little sponge work to create the impression of a golden beehive.

10. Witch

For a spooky, witchy look, paint your child’s face green and add in some black eyeshadow for a ghostly finish.

Whatever your child decides to be this year for Halloween, you can check out places like Party City to test out any one of these spooky makeup looks.

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