2015 Rav-4 Windshield Wiper Blade Replacement Buying Guide

Wiper blades may seem like an insignificant part of your vehicle, but when it rains or snows you definitely need them. However, in order for them to be effective, they need to be in good working order. Over time, they can wear down and are unable to function efficiently.

If your windshield is not clearing off as it should, or if your wipers leave a layer of grime on the windshield, you probably need a 2015 Rav-4 windshield wiper blade replacement. Not all wipers are made the same, though, so make sure you purchase the right ones for your vehicle and needs.

What Size Windshield Wipers You Need

When you begin to shop for new wiper blades, the first step is to pay attention to wiper blade sizes, as they are not all the same. You need to buy different sizes for the driver and passenger sides of the front windshield and a different size for the rear windshield. For a 2015 Rav4, you should get a 26″ blade for the driver’s side and a 16″ for the passenger’s side. If you are replacing the rear wiper blade, look for a 10″ blade. For other years and models, check with the manufacturer, or use a VIN lookup, to determine which sizes of blades you need.  

How to Change Your Windshield Wipers

It is pretty simple to change windshield wipers on your own. To do so, follow these directions for each blade:

1. Remove the new blade from its packaging and keep nearby so you can replace it as soon as you remove the old one.

2. Lift up the blade from the windshield and turn the blade so it is perpendicular.

3. Locate the small tab on the underside of the blade, depress it, and pull down on the blade to remove it.

4. Hold the blade in the parallel position and thread the new blade into place. 

5. In the perpendicular position, lock the new blade into place.

Once all the blades are in place, test them by turning them on. It is better to know now if they need to be reinstalled than when you are on the road in inclement weather.

Additional Wiper Blade Information

Using the right size blades is one of the important aspects, but there are also different types of blades. The standard blade is the most affordable option, but it tends to wear out faster than the other ones. 

The beam blade is ideal for colder climates, as it prevents the clumping of snow and ice. This blade type also allows for maximum coverage on your windshield. This is the most expensive option. 

The hybrid blade combines benefits of both the standard and the beam blades. This is a good in-between choice when it comes to budget and functionality.

If you have questions about which wiper blade type you should choose, or you would like assistance putting them on your vehicle, contact an auto parts store. Their staff is experienced in all types of vehicles and can help you find what you need.

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