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6 Important Reasons to Wash Your Feet Before Going to Bed in Summer

Summer is an amazing time of the year. Sandals, bright pedicures, and dirty feet are common for this season. Your feet can meet with germs and sharp objects during the day. However, summer shoes also have some problems. They can cause skin irritation, sweat accumulation, and contain a huge amount of harmful microbes.

Despite the fact that you may not see dirt on your feet, it doesn’t mean that they are clean especially if you don’t take a shower in the evening. It doesn’t matter if you walk barefoot or don’t let your feet touch the floor, take the time to clean the sole before bedtime. In this article, we gathered six important reasons to wash your feet before going to bed in summer.

1. Clean damaged skin

The fact that you didn’t step on broken glass and did not scratch your foot on a stone doesn’t mean that your skin is not damaged. The reality is that if you walked barefoot, your feet may get tiny cuts that you can’t even see. If you spend the whole day in shoes, they could rub blisters or irritated areas. All these blisters or irritations are an excellent entry point for microbes. Moreover, dry and cracked skin on your feet is also prone to infections. That’s why taking a shower at the end of the day can help avoid infections.

2. Remove bacteria and viruses

Thousands of bacteria and viruses get onto our skin and grow there during the day. Cleaning your feet with soap will eliminate most of these foreigners and make you less prone to infection if your skin will be injured. Moreover, you will not be spreading germs around your house to pick them up again later. An additional benefit is that clean feet smell less often.

3. Reduce the fungus

Fungal infections often spread to our feet, especially around the nails. This means that a quick rinse will not eliminate them. The athlete’s foot and other fungi thrive in a humid environment, so using a soap to clean between your toes can help remove them from the nails. However, all these conditions require treatment and it is better to visit your foot doctor.

4. Get rid of sweat and chemicals

When it comes to sweating, there is no difference between heavy snowshoes, leather shoes or slippers. It is important to understand that sweating is actually good in terms of thermoregulation. However, it can boost the growth of bacteria and skin irritation if left for a long time. Cleaning your feet will also remove sunscreen, insect spray and any other chemicals that are absorbed into your skin during the day.

5. Detect abnormalities

People with health problems such as diabetes, poor blood circulation or numbness should also know the condition of their feet well. This means that feet should be examined and cleaned daily. It is also important to inform your doctor about any changes.

Even if you have no problems with your feet, knowing what your feet usually look like allows you to quickly determine any abnormalities. Pay attention to color or structural changes, as well as persistent issues.

6. Relax

Many people find it relaxing to wash away day troubles and events off their feet before falling asleep. It can be calming to see all the dirt and dust from your feet disappear in the water in the evening. If you are not fond of putting your feet into the bath every evening, find a soap or lotion that you like and turn the ordinary shower into a relaxing ritual.

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