The Ultimate Wedding Planning Checklist to Follow 6-12 Months Before

Planning a wedding doesn’t always have to start after you get engaged. In fact, doing that results in unwanted chaos and last-minute rush, where you mostly end up stressed and tired. Well, whether you have a year or a month, the stress can be real unless you figure things out accordingly. Usually, couples make an ocean of lists that need to be done before marriage and the present day.

It is more than crucial to sort out a draft wedding planning checklist to avoid messing up things. A wedding checklist will help couples plan in a step-by-step manner to sort out the timeline of every big and small thing that needs to be done in order to pull off a fantastic wedding occasion. 

However, the process before reaching that phase is daunting to many. This article has jotted down some of the most essential points to cover six to twelve months before the wedding.

Fixing the Budget – Step #1

The thought of a wedding can be pretty exciting and filled with anxiety at the same time. Of everything else, one of the biggest concerns that need to be figured out is the budget. 

The questions like – how much to spend, where to spend, and when to spend are quite haphazard in the initial phases. Therefore, deciding the average budget limitations will help you plan upcoming things smoothly. It will help you back-calculate your further expenses. After that, it will be easier to break down things into smaller budget allocations as and when they come.

Deciding the Guest List – Step #2

Keeping this for the last will be a disaster because choosing people for the wedding is a confusing ordeal. Think of an approximate number of people you want to attend the wedding. Now, start shortlisting people from your close relatives, childhood friends, office colleagues, neighbors, and other acquaintances. Once you make the complete list, it is time to cut down numbers to make it fit into the prefixed budget.

Start ticking the ones whose absence from the wedding event would make a massive difference to you. So, these are the people who are going to be the final attendees. One can still have some minute ups and downs in the numbers but avoid drastically increasing them to exceed budgets.

Shortlisting Wedding Venues – Step #3

Wedding venues stay booked for months in advance before the actual date. Therefore, once you have an idea of the probable number of attendees, it is wise to start planning the venue. 

Besides being extravagant, the venue should have the following features –

  • Spacious enough to allow free movement of guests
  • Must have enough lighting and ventilation in the rooms
  • It should be located at a convenient place, not too far from the public transit roads
  • The ambiance should be delightful 
  • Should have emergency services to deal with sudden situations
  • Checking the catering service (optional)

While some venues offer their catering services, some do not. Families can seek permission to bring their favorite caterers even for venues with their own catering services.

The End Line

Creating a wedding planning checklist before the wedding is crucial to ensure that everything runs smoothly. Last moment rush can degrade expectations or make way for odd situations. Hiring a wedding planning company is an option worth considering. They will ensure that the wedding goes hassle-free for the families.

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