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Tankless Water Heater High Efficiency

High-efficiency tankless water heaters are reported to reduce your gas bill by 30%-40% and helping you to save around 1500$ during its lifetime. It lasts longer than tanked heaters and saves a considerable portion of your gas bill. Due to its high demand, the market is full of options and thus makes it tricky for you to select the most appropriate one for you. Don’t worry, I am here to guide you through the buying guide.

A greatly important factor is the size of your household and the amount of water you use. Obviously, a small apartment of two rooms and a large apartment having five rooms don’t need the same amount of water. At first, you need to calculate the number of water equipment that you want to use at a time. Then add GPM (Gallons Per Minute) with the total number of devices. We would recommend you to finish about around 50% of total estimation.

Then comes the question of the temperature. Normally, the companies calculate the efficiency of their tankless water heater in optimum temperature. But it soaks more energy in colder temperature as it needs to work harder in colder weather. In this case, you are suggested to round up around 75%-100% of your total estimation. For example, most tankless water heater produces a temperature around 70ºF (39ºC) with a water flow around 4-5 gallons per minute. Most tankless water heater high efficiency provides the thermostatically temperature control facility which allows the device to control temperature according to the flow of the water.

Then you need to know about energy efficiency. It depends on three factors:

  • Recovery efficiency – It indicates how efficiently the heat from the energy source is transferred to the water.
  • Standby losses – It indicated the percentage of heat loss per hour. It is calculated from the stored water compared to the heat content of the water referring to the water heaters with storage tanks)
  • Cycling losses – It is the loss of heat as the water circulates from a water heater to the output water devices.

The higher the energy efficiency, the better will be the performance and the saving.

Now that you are done with the factors to consider before buying a thankless water heater high efficiency, I would like to draw your attention towards its facilities-

  1. It provides you with instantly heated water facility. If you perform several tasks at a time, its high-efficiency technology will allow you to get the supply of endless water supply at a time.
  2. As I told earlier, it will save your energy billing up to 40%. This is because these are specially made to minimize energy use and only heat water when it is needed.
  3. Its longevity is around 20 years which is twice as much as the lifetime duration of the tanked water heaters.
  4. Tankless water heater high efficiencies are easy to carry and install due to its portability. It is the same size of a suitcase and can be installed at any wall you want.
  5. Traditional water heater builds rust and scale inside. But tankless water heaters are free from it.

Our recommendations are reliable and efficient. So, they must serve your purpose with great satisfaction.

Happy Bathing In The Winter!

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