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5 Stylish Ways to Wear a Maxi Dress This Summer

When summer months hit, women everywhere try to figure out how to dress appropriately without being too revealing but also avoiding to suffocate from the heat. It can seem impossible to find a good balance, but this is where maxi dresses come in. The floor-length gown comes in so many different styles, shapes, materials, and looks, that it’s one of the most versatile pieces you can have in your wardrobe. You can style it up or down, and here are a few different ways you can wear it for different occasions:

A casual beach look

The simplest and most default way to wear a maxi dress is a beach look. The whole maxi dress style is associated with a breezy, beachy look, and most maxi dresses, if left without accessories and unchanged, will give you a beach look. So, if you go to your local boutique and grab literally any maxi dress from the shelf, combine it with a pretty pair of sandals and a big summer hat – you have a bulletproof casual summer look. This one allows you to play with patterns and materials the most, so feel free to go wild. Pair it with a big beach bag, or a smaller smart tote bag for a more city-chic look.

Sporty vibes

If you choose a dress that is made from a sporty, stretchy material, such as cotton or jersey, and specifically one that has a tighter fit around the body, you can easily style a sporty look. Try a dress with a knee-high slit for additional movement and comfort. Pair it with a snapback and some chunky sneakers, a backpack instead of a bag and, if you want to take the look up a notch, tie a hoody around your waist, for both shape and style.

Romantic look

A long dress will always bring some romantic vibes to the table. If you go for a Realisation Par dress like the Liv, you can easily create a romantic, summer dinner date look with a few details. The open neckline allows for easy accessories, but if the dress has a pattern, stick to something like a pendant necklace, rather than a statement. Combine it with a nice heel sandal and a small, hand-held purse. Put your hair up in a messy bun and get a touch of makeup on to complete the perfect evening look.

Tough girl

If maxi dresses seem practical but are a bit too whimsical for you, then you might just be missing the ways to toughen the look. It can be done incredibly easily by throwing on a biker jacket on top of the dress, tying a bandana around your head and putting on a pair of big sunglasses. Pair it with black ankle boots or sneakers and you’ll have a look that nobody wants to mess with. You can also add some hoops and a strong red lipstick to match.

Professional look

It can be hard to style a maxi dress to be appropriate for the office. Even though it’s plenty long, you will still find it a bit too beachy to be professional. However, if you find the right fit and material, wear it with a nude pump and accessorize like you would any other outfit – you’ll have a look that is not just appropriate, but that will turn heads in all the best ways.

Styling a maxi dress is just a matter of picking the right fit and accessorizing it the right way. One dress can be worn in so many different ways, but it’s never a bad thing to have several style options on hand!

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