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Why to Invest in Step & Repeat Banners for Events ?

Have you ever had the chance to attend an event, show, or conference? If you’ve ever been to any event, you might have noticed celebrities or guests walk on the red carpet, stand in front of a backdrop, stop for a picture, and move on to attend the event. 

The idea behind a step and repeat banner is to let guests step in front of the backdrop, take a picture, and leave. The process repeats for the next person. Hence that is where the name comes from. It works very well when you have to promote the event’s sponsors and bring attention to them from the public. They also have repeating patterns on them that show the logos. 

Mostly you’ll come across these banners in most public or mainstream events. However, incorporating them for any event is an excellent idea as they hold huge marketing potential for your event and promote your sponsors. 

Garner Immediate Attention

Despite showing interest in these events, most people fail to understand how important the concept of step and repeat backdrop is and how it impacts the public. 

You might think your event is not a huge show like the Grammy awards or any big event. But, if you have sponsors and want to garner attention, adding a step and repeat banner to your event can add huge value. They provide many marketing and growth opportunities and should prioritize every event planner’s priority list. 

Increases Your Social Reach

Celebrities are eager to appear at social events. They always take pictures in front of the backdrop in their red-carpet-ready attire.

They then post photos on their social media handles with an immense fan following. Thus, they advertise your brand free of cost. This online promotion helps bring in potential future clients for your organization. It also induces a sense of trust toward your brand as these celebrities post photos of their experience at your event. 

It is Reusable

Step and repeat banners are a terrific way to express the ideologies of the event. Apart from giving you free advertising, they are cheap to make and easy to maintain. They are washable, reusable, and can be used for years, making them a vital branding tool for your organization. Backdrop banners are also lightweight. Thus, making them easy to set up at any convention and store for future use when you’re done!  

Creating an up-to-date, good-quality banner is key, and you can do this by consulting professional companies who are experienced and trustworthy in their field of work. Persuading people to take photos in front of this banner and hiring a professional photographer to get quality photos of them can give your brand further recognition. 

Banners are the perfect way to involve the attendees. You can reuse them in a variety of functions or events. From networking functions to product launches or outdoor seminars, these step and repeat backdrops are the perfect way to foster relations and promote your event. 

Partnership opportunity

Step and repeat banners have a lot of room to showcase multiple brand sponsors. You can show how your brand is associated with other companies by putting their logos next to yours on the banner and improving relations with these sponsors. These companies can also sponsor your event as you advertise their brand, thus helping you create better events with more capital. It also shows the strength and integrity of your company as other companies know your organization cooperates well with other businesses. 

A backdrop banner can boost your event as it features your organization’s logo, thus advertising for free in front of brand ambassadors and passive onlookers. This shows the audience who the organizing committee is and opens a pathway for future sponsorship deals. Furthermore, if your event is a success, you create a stronger brand image. 

Add Professionalism to the Event

A decent step and repeat banner for your event makes the normal attendees feel special and creates an executive environment. By making these people the center of attention. This proves to be a great and exciting experience for your guests, and with a photographer, the event becomes more fun for them. On the other hand, your event gets advertised, making it a very effective way of gaining brand recognition. 


Step and repeat backdrops hold great marketing potential. They’re the perfect banners that look sophisticated and subtly promote your brand and sponsors during the event. Hence, the banner holds a lot of importance. That is why you should work with a professional company that helps you create the perfect backdrop that comes in high-quality and garners the attention you need from the event attendees. 

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