How to Update the Spotify Premium Subscription

As Shakespeare says, “If music is the food of love, play on” In his play Twelfth Night, music plays a vital role in the lives of human beings. One of the magnificent apps for listening to music is Spotify. You can listen to music freely by installing the app. In the free version, ads will interrupt you while listening to your favorite playlists. Upgrade your Spotify account from a free account to a premium subscription to eliminate the ads and listen to songs peacefully. 

Spotify Premium offers many exciting features for a premium music streaming experience. If you want to upgrade or update your subscription, this article will guide you through the process step by step. We’ve covered you, from accessing premium benefits to managing your subscription preferences.

Spotify Premium is one of the most well-liked solutions for unlimited access to a sizable song library, offline listening, and an ad-free experience in music streaming. You might eventually need to update your Spotify Premium subscription to accommodate your changing needs. This post offers a thorough tutorial on how to update your Spotify Premium membership and utilize all of its features.

Evaluate Your Current Subscription Plan

It’s important to evaluate your current subscription plan before making any adjustments. Individual, family, and student plans are just a few of Spotify’s offerings. Check whether your current plan satisfies your needs and whether any revisions are necessary. Consider the elements like the number of users, cost, and extra features included with each package.

Review the features that are offered with the various Spotify Premium subscriptions. Learn about the advantages, including offline listening, better audio quality, and no commercials. Ensure the plan you select suits your tastes and usage habits. Additionally, see whether any updates or new features have been added since your last Spotify Premium subscription. 

Start by going to your account settings to upgrade your Spotify Premium subscription. Log in to your Spotify app on your computer or mobile. Locate the account settings section, typically found in the user profile or settings menu. 

Find the section devoted to membership or subscriptions in the account settings. You can alter your subscription plan at this point. To view the offered plans, click on the applicable link or icon. Review the specifics before choosing the plan that best meets your requirements. Spotify will disclose any price adjustments or promotions related to the new plan. 

Make sure that your billing details are exact and current when changing your Spotify Premium subscription. To avoid service lapses, it is imperative to take this action. Locate the billing or payment area under account settings. Your billing address, payment method, or credit card details can all be updated here. To make the necessary adjustments, follow the Spotify instructions. 

A confirmation message or request to confirm the changes will be displayed by Spotify after you’ve chosen the new subscription plan and changed your billing details. Review the specifics for a moment before moving further. Your modified subscription plan will go into effect whenever Spotify processes the modifications once you’ve approved the upgrade to your subscription. 

You may customize your music streaming experience to fit your preferences by easily updating your Spotify Premium subscription. You may ensure that your Spotify Premium account satisfies your changing needs by analyzing features, examining your subscription plan, and managing billing information. 

Spotify Premium Features 

To make your listening experience, Spotify Premium includes several sophisticated features in addition to the essentials:

Enhanced Audio Quality: Premium customers can listen to their favorite songs online at a higher audio quality, giving the music more depth and clarity.

Recommendations That Are Specifically Made for You: Spotify’s algorithm studies your listening patterns to create personalized playlists like Discover Weekly and Release Radar that are catered to your musical preferences. 

Playback features: With Premium, you can listen to any music. The shuffle-only restriction of the Free tier is removed thanks to this function, providing you complete control over your listening time.

Spotify Radio: Spotify Radio offers premium users the ability to build and listen to custom radio stations based on their favorite musicians, songs, or musical categories, providing them with a never-ending supply of music that suits their tastes.  

Crossfade: Premium subscribers can turn on the Crossfade function, which seamlessly switches between tracks to prevent abrupt ends and promote seamless listening.

Utilize the numerous subscription options and features of Spotify to improve your music-listening experience. Experience the world of endless music with your renewed Spotify Premium subscription.

How to Update the Spotify Premium 

To Update Spotify Premium in iOS:

  1. Click on the “Premium” option on the bottom right.
  2. It will show your current plan as “Spotify Free.”
  3. Select from any of the plans available.
  4. The available plans are “Premium Individual,” “Premium Duo,” “Premium Family,” and “Premium Student.”
  5. But in iOS, you cannot update the plan through the app. So, open “Safari” search “,” and sign in to your account. Select the three lines icon on the top right corner, select “Premium,” and choose the suitable plan.
  6. Pay through PayPal or a Credit/Debit Card.
  7. After paying, your plan will get updated.

To Update the Spotify Premium in Android:

  1. Click on the “Premium” option on the bottom right.
  2. Select “Get Premium,” which will redirect you to another page.
  3. Choose your plan and pay.
  4. After paying, your plan will get updated.

Using The Mobile App To Update Your Spotify Premium Subscription

Step 1

Open the Spotify app on your smartphone’s home screen or app drawer to access it. Tap on its icon to open the app. Authenticate your account by providing your username and password. Once logged in, access your account settings by tapping the “Home” symbol at the bottom and selecting the “Settings” symbol in the upper-right corner.

Step 2

Accessing the Section on Subscriptions Scroll down to the “Subscription” or “Premium” option in the options menu. To enter the subscription area, tap on it.

Step 3: Picking the Premium Plan

You can choose from various Spotify Premium options under the subscriptions section. To select the best fit for your preferences, consider the plans, features, and pricing carefully. To upgrade to a premium plan, tap on it.

Step 4: Checking Payment Information

You must double-check your payment information after choosing your preferred premium plan. This can entail supplying your credit card information, selecting a payment option, or confirming one already connected to your account. For this stage, adhere to the directions displayed on the screen.

Step 5

Verify subscription updates by checking payment details, verifying details, and tapping “Confirm” or “Upgrade” to confirm or upgrade your subscription.

The app will process your payment after you confirm and update your Spotify Premium subscription appropriately. A confirmation email confirming the successful update of your Subscription will be sent to you.

Keep an eye out for any confirmation or receipt of the subscription update in your inbox. Your Spotify Premium membership’s improved features and advantages are now available on mobile devices.

Using Your Third-Party Platforms to Update Your Spotify Premium Subscription

Finding authorized third-party platforms is the first step. Begin by looking up and locating reputable third-party websites or services that sell Spotify Premium subscriptions. To facilitate subscription upgrades, Spotify recognizes and trusts these sites.

Choosing the Platform and the Premium Plan in Step 2 Choose a trustworthy third-party website that sells Spotify Premium subscriptions. Go to their website, download their app, and then look for the Spotify Premium section. Review the features and plans offered before selecting the premium plan that best meets your needs.

Giving Account Information in Step 3 To provide your Spotify account information, adhere to the platform’s instructions. This can entail providing your email address or Spotify username and, in certain situations, allowing the platform access to your Spotify account.

Step 4: Fill out the third-party platform with payment information, including credit card number, expiration date, and security code, and explore alternative options.

Confirming the subscription update in Step 5 Review the platform’s subscription details, including the plan, pricing, and payment details, in great detail. Proceed to confirm the subscription update if everything is correct. This can entail selecting an “Upgrade” or “Confirm” button.

The third-party platform will handle your payment when you confirm and update your Spotify Premium subscription appropriately. A confirmation message or email confirming the successful updating of your Subscription may be sent to you.

To avoid any potentially fraudulent or unauthorized activity, keep in mind that while updating your Subscription through third-party sites, it’s critical to ensure they are approved and trusted by Spotify.

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Available Spotify Premium Plans

The available Spotify Premium plans are “Premium Individual,” “Premium Duo,” “Premium Family,” and “Premium Student.”

Premium Individual

As the plan name suggests, it applies only to an individual. All the premium features will be available only for an individual in this plan.

Premium Duo

It’s a duo account. It is a combo of premium accounts. All the premium features will be available for two premium accounts. You can pay for one, three, six, or twelve months according to your comfort.

Premium Family

Premium Family account can comprise up to six premium accounts for the members of a family. It has a new feature that only applies to this plan, blocking explicit music. All the other premium features are available.

Premium Student

It has an offer for students from the list of reputed universities and colleges accepted by Spotify. You can listen to music ad-free and can download and listen to music offline.

Spotify provides many Premium plans where you can choose according to your needs and comfort to enjoy ad-free music and offline benefits. Update/Upgrade to Premium Account and delve into a new world with the help of music. Let the party begin!


Maintaining a Spotify Premium subscription offers enhanced music streaming and access to premium features. Update your subscription through the Spotify website, mobile app, gift cards, and authorized third-party platforms, choosing the method that suits your preferences.

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