How to Keep Your Car Cool and Calm in Summer

The U.S. has been experiencing record-breaking temperatures this summer with heatwaves affecting large parts of the country. Temperatures loomed around 98 degrees in some states while in others they reached as high as 118 degrees over the course of a few days. 

With hot summer days, it’s important to stay cool. It’s also important to learn how to keep your car cool in summer.

Keep reading to learn what they are.Β 

Find a Parking Spot in the Shade

First on the list of tips to keep your car cool in summer is parking in the shade when you can. When you’re out running errands or going to work, do your best to find a parking spot under a tree. 

When you park under cover from the sun, your car won’t be so hot when you get back to it. You can also pay attention to how the sun moves throughout the day. Parking next to a building might offer some shade if you’ll only be there for a few hours. 

Get a Sunshade for Your Car

If you aren’t able to find shade everywhere you go, you can always help keep your car cool with a sunshade. Since your front windshield gets the most direct sunlight, keeping this area covered will protect your car from getting too much light and heat. 

You should also consider getting a sunshade for your rear windshield as well. Keep the temperature in your car down so it doesn’t feel too much like a sauna when you come back to it. 

Get Some Air Through the Windows

Keep your car cool in summer by keeping the windows just a bit open. While you have your car on and you’re on the road, you should have your windows closed and your air conditioner running. 

When you park your car, leaving the two front windows open a smidge will allow fresh air to circulate through the car while you’re away. Don’t leave the windows open wide enough to allow a break-in.

Just an inch or two should be enough to let the air circulate without anyone noticing your windows are open.  

Get Your Car Windows Tinted 

There are many benefits of car window tinting including protection from the sun and a cooler car. When you get your car windows tinted, you won’t need to purchase additional covers for your dashboard or rear window. 

Tinted windows allow visibility while blocking heat. This means when you get into your car, you won’t start sweating before you leave the house. Make sure you get your windows professionally tinted, so you adhere to the laws in your state regarding car window tinting. 

Cover Your Dash and Steering Wheel 

Other ways to keep your car cool in summer include buying a cover for your dash and steering wheel. While a sunshade can keep a lot of the heat and sun out of your car, additional cooling methods can help. 

Placing a fabric cover on the dash will keep it from burning if you have to touch it. It’ll also keep the dash from cracking from sun exposure. 

Getting a cover for your steering wheel is also important. Since you can’t avoid touching the steering wheel when you drive, keeping it cool will protect you. 

Keep the Seats Cool With Covers

Leather seats get hotter than fabric seats, so keeping them covered will help keep your car cooler too. You can choose something simple like a bedsheet to cover them. Use a cotton bedsheet to cover your seats if you’ll be parked in a place for a few hours. 

You can also consider cooling cushions for the driver’s seat. This will keep your body temperature stable while you drive and your car cool as well. Seat covers for all types of cars are also available online too. 

A Full Car Cover Can Help Too

The best way to keep your car cool in summer is to purchase a full car cover. If your home gets direct sunlight throughout the day, a car cover can keep your car’s interior from getting too hot when you’re home. 

A car cover will also protect your car’s exterior. Too much exposure to heat and sunlight can damage your car’s paint. 

You Can Park in a Garage Too 

If you have a garage at home, this is the perfect way to keep your car protected from sunlight and heat. Choose to park in a parking garage when you’re out if you have the option. 

Although you’ll still come out to a warm car, it’ll feel a lot cooler than leaving it in direct sunlight. No matter how long you’re gone, you’ll know your car will be in the shade the entire time. 

Air Your Car Out Before Heading Out

If your car’s been out in the sun all morning, it’s a good idea to air it out before heading out. While at home, open up all the windows and doors. Turn on the AC at full blast. 

This will help you cool down the car before you leave so you won’t arrive at your next location sweating buckets. 

Learn How to Keep Your Car Cool in Summer With These Tips 

Learn how to keep your car cool in summer with the tips in this guide. Make sure to use a sunshade when you park your car. You should also consider getting your car windows tinted. 

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