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Haunted by Love

Haunted by Love

Like the first ray of the sun that brightens up the entire day, lost in your eyes i feel I’m a rejuvenating stay.

You ‘ve made my entire life more brightened,

You gave me such a courage that now I don’t feel frightened.

I cannot keep my eyes open –

Such is your glitter,

Your voice keeps ringing in my ears, which asks me to search you hither and thither.

Just live my Savior you have descended straight from heaven to receive me,

It’s your charismatic personality which whispers to me,

You are the morning dew on the flower petals, which is symbol of purity and gentleness;

The day I saw you, filled me with unexplained extreme happiness.

A whimsical creature who has rotated my entire life;

It’s my beatitude to have such a person in my life

I feel lost when I look into your beguiled eyes,

They are so passionate and deep that even a sick person feels nice.

Such a benevolent creature gifted to me that I feel so fortunate,

That I wish to say –    Come near to me and hug me tight, there’s no need to hesitate.

All my senses are governed by a Bonafede personality,

I wish to die in my dreams than to come back to reality.

I don’t know what is exactly written in our fate,

But one thing I can promise you; – whenever you’ll need me,

I can even put my life on stake for your sake.