Golden Rules Of Communication To Impress New People In Your Life

These golden rules of communication will tremendously improve your conversations with others. The rules apply in all types of communication, including business and social conversations. When done in the wrong way, communication destroys relationships of any kind.

Do you want to learn how to communicate with unfamiliar people in your life impressively? Imagine this, you were invited to a friend’s birthday, and you’ve got to say something in front of people you’ve never met before. All of a sudden, you freeze in your words after realizing nobody is feeling your vibe. We’ve all been there!

You can overcome this communication hitch by learning some tricks. In this guide, we will discuss some significant communication guidelines that work in different scenarios. But before we share with you the tips, we need you to understand one thing. Rules of communication are essential regardless of whether you are a businessman, psychologist, politician, or just a caring friend. And they are even more crucial when you’re looking for a serious relationship. It’s easier to build communication online nowadays! You can have good dating advice from, about how to do it in the best way possible.

What’s Good Communication?

First off, good communication entails two critical things: talking and listening. Sounds too simple? But it’s not; we, on many occasions, forget the most basic things. Moreover, each of these components has its rules that we must play by. Think about it this way: how will you identify what to speak, except understanding what your audience wants to hear?

We Cannot Impress Everyone!

Good communication does not mean we will impress everyone like we can’t be attractive to everyone. In our quest to communicate effectively, we shouldn’t fall into this trap. Have you ever noticed how we usually try to look good in front of other people? Let me guess, you’ve been there too! So, what are the golden rules of communication?

 What Are The Rules Of Good Listening?

Be Affectionate And Attentive

People can instinctively tell if a person wants to listen or not. Have you ever noticed that many people talk at each other rather than to each other? In the end, no communication and connection happen. This is one of the golden communication rules for couples. The ability to listen to someone is a precious trait. This is one of the rules of communication in relationships.

Confirm That You’re Actually Listening

Communication should be lively and interactive. If the other person notices that we are not paying attention, the line of communication is broken. Sounds familiar? We usually lose confidence in what we are saying if we think the other person is not interested. When the speaker loses faith, we miss out on the critical information they reveal when entering their comfort zone.

So how do we demonstrate that we’re listening? Try the following rules of healthy communication:

Take an open body position.

Make eye contact, but not constantly.

Nod your head from time to time.

Ask questions.

Verify Understanding

Confirm with the speaker you are on the same page. In our communication, we should show the other person that we are getting what they are saying. We can do this by asking questions, providing opinions, and showing emotional empathy. You may disagree on the conversation issue, but the tone should be positive anyway.

Don’t Be Quick To Judge

This might stop your interlocutors from speaking freely. Since it is okay to disagree with something they said, we ought to do it in a certain way. The best approach would be to ask a question or make an appropriate joke. Then you can make your conclusions.

Make Use Of Silence Fittingly

Silence is an integral part of every conversation. However, we should use it appropriately. For example, we can use silence to show our acceptance of a point stated. Silence creates intimacy and is also considered an excellent source of strength. We can think of it as one of the great rules of communication for couples. Sitting together quietly can also be a way to communicate, isn’t it?

What Are The Rules Of Good Talking?

Communicate In A Precise And Efficient Way

The simple truth is, if you have something to say, then you’ve got to be clear and concise as you can. Our audience will switch off if they discover that we are confused, and we are just using small talk to pass the time. In other words, before you open your mouth to say anything, ensure you have something to say.

Use Plain And Unmistakable Language

One of the rules of language communication is to avoid confusing or jargon-filled sentences. Here’s the point, we should be as brief and transparent as possible. We should avoid empty expressions that depict us as unintelligent and inexpressive. Such expressions include “best practice,” “evidence-based,” etc.

Incorporate Non-verbal Techniques In Your Communication

One line of communication rules dictates we use both verbal and non-verbal communication. We should consider using diagrams, videos, and other gestures to keep the listeners engaged. Using several channels of communication also ensures our message is understood better. In addition to that, we can also connect with them emotionally using jokes or inspiring stories.


People usually recall the first and last items in a list. If something has some weight in our presentation, we say it more than once. It would be best to mention it at the beginning and the end of the presentation. Similarly, if the topic is not popular among the audience, better build it over time. Then, repeat it until the message is understood and received.

Confirm That The Audience Understands

That’s right. After introducing a problematic topic, confirm that the audience has understood before moving on. By doing this, we make sure that our audience has gotten the concept and have memorized it. You can offer to ask the questions if something wasn’t understood.

Bottom Line

So, how many rules of good communication fit your situation? We believe these communication rules can be applied in almost all conditions. It’s good that you’ve read through the rules, but there is a small catch, practice. You ought to continually practice these new rules of communication from tomorrow to perfect them.

Still not convinced? You can share your views with us, experiences, or ask questions below.

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