Are you lost in life? Do you not see any purpose in living? Are you tired of your same old 9 to 5 tedious job or stuck in relationships, and you don’t know why you are in there? Doing what? Do you ever feel you do not love your life and want to get away from it all? Do you think your friends and family are draining you? Are you constantly struggling to understand the deeper meaning of life and want to develop further? Then you need to take some time away from your life and go on a vacation. And you also need some self-reflection and self-evaluation in your life! Are you dying to know yourself better? If yes, then let’s go! 

Self-awareness of self-discovery, self-reflection, or self-evaluation, whatever you may want to call it. It is about finding yourself and understanding yourself as a person. Knowing where you come from, what you want, your deep desires, your hidden fears, passions & goals in life are. It’s not just about finding the positive but also the negative, like understanding your pain, trauma, deepest fears, and hidden secrets and processing the way of seeing them.  

All these inner workings and soul searching is essential to do every once in a while by isolating yourself because, in our daily lives, people are always snatching away at us and taking away from our time and our desires. Firstly, we need to get away from these people. You need to go within deep and realize what you truly want without the interference of others, and that can only happen in isolation. So, make some time for yourself and probably go on a vacation too (to enjoy your me time!). By doing so, you will be able to grasp more of what’s within you and gain more confidence and self-love in the end with self-awareness! You can do so through several different exercises and plans. Still, one of the ways to quickly grasp what you want is by doing several activities, methodology, and meditations regularly. These are pretty traditional and sometimes a little boring way to go. That’s why we’ve got an enjoyable way for you to understand yourself. We’re bringing you seven fun games for self-awareness! 

Want to know yourself better? Try these 7 Games for self-awareness! 


Fortnite, a single-player or multiplayer game, is played by over 83.3 million people annually (as recorded in statistics by people last year, 2021). It is a fantastic game developed by one of the best companies, Epic Games and Warner Bros entertainment. You must have heard of these as Epic Games is a big name in games like Xbox and have various match on its platform. At the same time, Warner Bros is a huge production company because who came up with the idea to have this built? It is an ever-changing game filled with loads of themes and based on various characters and superheroes from real movies and comics and stars from multiple places, and every month there is a new theme on the site too. Though you can continuously tap into the original one, you need to know that this game is very well-built and quite famous. But we’re not here for that! We’re here because you can play this to find yourself again. It is a world filled with different people and universes to build and explore on your own and find yourself doing so because wandering leads us to places we’ve never really been in our minds. And with different themes every month, you’ll undoubtedly be excited to explore it new as its own. Do play it for sure and wander to find you. 


There are many escape games you can try out on your own to experience the love for wandering again and knowing what you are capable of in adverse situations! You can do it in two ways. Either go to an escape room in reality for a real sensory experience, or you could also go and play escape rooms on your phone! Both are immersive experiences, but one is costlier than the other! You just need to play it to get a more profound sense of your mind in that lonely state of yourself. When you are away from everyone, you finally understand what you truly desire and genuinely want! You can do so by explicitly opting for an escape house in the real-life escape rooms or the phone games because a whole house is a more prominent place to discover and wander along and will give you a clearer sense and view of the idea of what to do. You won’t feel as trapped in an escape house as you will in a room, and you will have more free will. Be alone in a room at your home, not in an escape mansion! Dp plays it for fun and some sensory knowledge. 


Making a sand castle for the beach or even using Pay-Doh at home is a lovely experience as you can control what you make. Just make whatever it is on your mind. You can do it alone or with your friends and family. Through this, you will learn about what is happening in your mind subconsciously simultaneously! You will understand how and what is happening around you through yourself too! You need to go deeper with this game, that’s all! 

  1. CHESS:

To know the inner workings of your mind, you need to learn chess! Judging what moves you play and how your mind reacts will make it much easier to know and learn about your subconsciousness. You should try out this ancient Indian game that has won over the world! 

  1. BEING:

This app has a lot of mind-calming activities and exercises, and players can relax and talk about their feelings and write them down. It also has a lot of breathing exercises to help you tackle life and go on about it with the world. It makes complete activities with very soothing music in the background as well. It will help you solve your case very well. 

  1. CARDS:

Gard games are easy to come by and play efficiently; there are a lot of games that you can play for self-help and self-discovery to keep your mind calm and very sharp as well. There’s poker, 5-4-3, and many other traditional and international. But don’t bet, as we are looking for soul searching, not money searching here! 


If you have physical stamina and are up for it, you should also try out swimming as an exercise. This will help you regain your life and make you much more free-flowing. Water has magical powers and can get you into a deep sleep and a more calming unconscious state where you can discover and help your mind much more.Β Try these out, and let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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