Etiquette Tips For Planning a Destination Wedding

Every couple’s heart flutters with excitement and ecstasy when it comes to exchanging vows in an exotic locale. There are, however, certain dos and don’ts if you’re arranging a destination wedding on your own.

Wedding planners can prove to be expensive, but we will not let their hefty fees derail your goal of having a destination wedding. Apart from the usual ‘bride business,’ it will, of course, necessitate extra effort from you. Nevertheless, if you follow the advice in this blog, you will breeze through it with ease. Therefore, keep in mind that some suggestions are more appropriate for in-country destination weddings. Destination weddings near Mumbai, for example, are simple to organize because the site is breathtakingly romantic and less expensive. 

So, without further ado, let’s get into the dos and don’ts of destination wedding etiquettes and tips:

  1. Evaluate Your Budget And Prioritize

This is the most important stage; you need to know how much money you have and which factors are most important to you. If you don’t want to skimp on photography, you may have to compromise on the lavish decor. Additionally, keep in mind that the majority of your spending will be spent on venue reservations and guest accommodations.

  1. Recce Is Essential

Although you’d definitely go and inspect the venue before confirming it, we recommend that you return three months before the nuptials with the organizer to organize the settings. Utilize the most of this recce-cum-meeting by visualizing and planning which functions will be held at which functions, how space will be used for decorations, and so on. This will also protect you from overthinking all of this throughout the function.

  1. Engage Local Businesses

Try booking all of your event suppliers from the location where you want to tie the knot. This not only saves you money on their travel and lodging, but it also allows you to better coordinate with them. If you can’t find any decent local merchants, search for those that will travel at their own expense.

  1. Limit The Guest List To A Minimum

It is better and rather frugal to plan a destination wedding with a reduced guest list. If you want to host a large gathering, you may have to hire a wedding planner.

  1. Remain At The Venue And Organize All Events There

This is done to prevent relocating people from one location to another. Aside from that, you are more likely to receive larger savings if you book a single location for both your accommodation and your wedding celebrations.

  1. Maintain A Wedding Planner Diary And Strictly Adhere To It

When you are planning everything on your own, it is critical to write everything down. From the guest list to the status of vendor payments, payment contact information, and travel arrangements. Make a list of everything. You may purchase a wedding planner diary or make an Excel spreadsheet on Google Drive that you can quickly update with your phone.

  1. Assign Minor Responsibilities To Friends And Relatives

Since you already have a lot on your plate as a bride or groom. Therefore, it is preferable to assign minor jobs that require specific attention to friends or family members. This involves giving welcome packages to visitors and purchasing wedding presents and favors. Delegate these responsibilities with deadlines so that people take them seriously.

  1. Make A Wedding Website That Serves Numerous Purposes

Believe us when we say that having a wedding website will make so many things easier for you. Include everything on the website, from local maps to weather forecasts to airport information and anything else you want your guests to know.

  1. Choose Simple Yet Elegant Decor

Choose basic dΓ©cor or creative design features such as fairy lights, elegant draperies, playful signs, and other readily available items. Go for a naturally stunning setting with abundant foliage and a picturesque backdrop like the wedding destinations near Mumbai to reduce the need for dΓ©cor and drapery. Another strategy is to hold daytime activities outside and nighttime ones indoors.

  1. Request Bulk Discounts And Concessions

Use your negotiation abilities to secure the finest deals and discounts. Some locations provide freebies, such as free washing services, which saves money. Others offer free parking, free drinks, and discounts on certain bulk items and services.

  1. Accommodate Your Guests Comfortably

Whether it’s providing wheelchairs for the elders or ensuring there are adequate accommodations, your destination wedding guests must feel comfortable.

  1. Hire Reputable Courier Services To Transport ‘excess Bags’

This is not a predictable circumstance, but you should be aware of it. Extra baggage costs a fortune on flights, so it’s best to send mehndi favors to the location by courier. This is a risky option, but if you have a reliable courier service nearby that you have used for years, utilize it.

  1. Plan Ahead Of Time To Avoid Any Last Minute Hassles

Planning ahead of time before guests arrive at the site is unquestionably the best method to handle your events and minimize last-minute chaos. If there is any uncertainty while assigning rooms or other amenities to visitors. But, as is customary, there is some drama involving certain relatives at the wedding. So, plan ahead of the date to prevent trouble.

Final Thoughts

So, take our advice and become a pro in planning your own nuptials at a wedding resort near Mumbai. The recommendations above can help you make wise decisions, save money, and make the most of your wedding since memories are made to be cherished.

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