Five Best Ways to Help the Poor and Needy in India

Many people live life lavishly on this earth. They can enjoy and get everything they want. But on the other hand, there are so many people in India who cannot even imagine this luxurious Lifestyle. That’s because they cannot even afford to have the basic requirements to survive on this earth. Can you imagine a life without food, clothes or even a shelter to live happily with your family? It’s devastating. But people out there have been experiencing this adverse situation for years. They are economically and politically deprived and hardly get an opportunity of education and health care. That is why these children have been suffering from diseases, inadequate nutrition, etc.

It’s time to think about those deprived people and take a step to do something noble for them. Many people believe that what I can do with my small contribution! But your small donation can make a big difference and help a child to get better opportunities for living. Let’s check out five NGOs which are dedicated to improving health and Lifestyle of these people.

  • Via Lok Kalyan Samiti

Lok Kalyan Samiti is one of the best NGOs in India(website) that has been working for poor children scenes the late 1980s. In the year 1975, they work for 2 lakh slum people to relocate them in a different area named Nand Nagri. The volunteers of this organization used to visit all those places where these underprivileged children lived. They walked through waterlogged lanes, dirt for months and encountered everyone from drug addicts to Gamblers and even drunkards. They believe that education is the only weapon that can kill poverty. So, they offer free education, medicines, vaccinations, food, free coaching for these children under the scheme – Sponsor a child in India.

You can also contribute to this great venture if you really want to do something for these people. All you have to do is give them a call and donate according to your affordability. They will let you know how they are spending your money for the betterment of these people.

  • Give them moral support

You can give them your hand to show your moral support for them. It’s imperative as nowadays you’ll be amazed to know many people don’t even care. So, show some respect and genuine humanity to boost their self-esteem. At least they will understand that someone really cares for them. It will give them the power to overcome different barriers to their lives. Support them so that at least they can earn their basic requirements.

  • Raise funds for them

The best way to do so is engaging yourself with an organization that works for the needy and poor people just like Lok Kalyan Samiti. Along with that, you can plan different activities to create awareness in this society. For example, you can knock door to door, or you can arrange a road show, etc. You have to accumulate different items from people. After that organize an auction, raise funds and help those needy people. Learn more about fundraising here.

  • Donate food

One of the primary issues with these people is they don’t get enough food to survive. That is why they suffer from nutrition deficiency and different diseases related to an empty stomach. So if you can donate groceries or meal at least for one time in a day, they can fulfill their stomach to stay healthy. So without wasting food start the donating now.

  • Donate clothes

After food, they need clothes to survive. So we can easily donate old stuff from clothes to furniture or even appliances which you do not use anymore. Winter season is too cold to survive. So it will be a great help for them if you can donate your old sweater, jacket or gloves. Keep in mind that your small donation has the power to bring a smile on someone’s face.

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