Top 12 Recommendations from Adoption Lawyers to avoid Scams

Scams are associated with every job and department in all fields of life. The people who conduct these scams are called scammers and they indulge in fraud in various ways. The most common scams are theft of identity, illegal money transfer, and fraud in providing jobs, extortion and threats. Even the adoption system is also no exception as people don’t care about the feelings of the adoptive families and play with their feelings.

There are many adoption scams that you need to avoid if you want to sincerely adopt a child. The adoption lawyers in Atlanta will inform of the frauds like demanding an excess fee for the adoption process, expecting mother not fulfilling the promise, women are not pregnant but pose as one, baby trafficking and adoptive couples agree to the adopt and suspend all communications to beware of. 

Top 12 Recommendations to avoid Adoption Scams

There are many ways by which you can avoid the scams. The above-mentioned scams are very difficult to detect and also are not common in many circumstances. If you are an adoptive parent then you have to know that you are the only one who can be scammed; the birth mothers also fall prey to it. But mostly the adoptive party is the one who is a victim; so it is important that you follow these 12 recommendations.

Contact Expecting mother via adoption lawyers in Atlanta

When you find an expectant mother either through an agency or on your own; it is best to as her to contact every item through the agency or attorney you have hired for this job. An advantage that you can gain is the lawyer can detect any red flags in the whole process and can act on your behalf.

Search the Details on the Internet

In the age of technology, everyone can have access to all kind of information because the data is transferred onto the internet and you can get any statistics. You can search for the personal info of the mother like her physical address, landline and mobile number, email address and confirm the social security number. 

Have Access to her Medical Records

Females pretend to be pregnant but in reality, they are not. This is a way to collect money for various expenses like maternal care, medical bills and other compensations. It is your right to demand the medical records of the mother to confirm the pregnancy. You can also recommend a doctor of your own and go with the mother on her visits. 

Don’t give Personal Info

If you have met the expecting mother online and never seen her in-person or she avoids meeting you then it is definitely a scam. You shouldn’t be foolish to give any personal information to her. If she insists on wanting the info then ask her to contact a lawyer like Tom Tebeau.

Be Watchful of the Warning Signs

When you contact the mother it is crucial that you see the warning signs. Some of the red flags that you should look for are;

  1. She demands more money other than agreed.
  2. Mother doesn’t meet at the time, date and place set.
  3. Not providing proof of the pregnancy.
  4. Hiding the pregnancy and adoption.
  5. Don’t find any record of the mother. 

Payment always through Adoption Agency

Never ever directly pay the mother as she can use the amount on other things; is she is a scammer. You can pay the money to the adoption agency and the professionals there will take care of her requirements.

Know the Adoption Scams

Knowledge of the types of adoption scams is a must. There are lots of material on the internet and also books are available that have sufficient info on the scams that are going on. You can also join different groups that conduct various informative seminars and meetings concerning adoption.

Develop Healthy Relationship with the Mother

It is essential to create a trust that your time and again meet with the mother and take care of her. The family of the mother is also important as you can know what type of family values they have.

Don’t agree on all she says

If she is constantly pressurizing you that you directly pay her or avoid the agency then it is a red flag that you have to look into. You should shun all possibilities and don’t agree on all of her terms and conditions.  

Thorough Check on her Background

You should be thinking that the background check should be only of the mother then you have to straighten up your concepts. The adoption agencies can also become accomplices in the scams. Check from reliable sources about the authenticity of the agency and lawyer.

Inquire from Neighbors

Neighbors are a vital resource of acquiring info about the character and family background about the mother willing to give up the child. Another crucial info that you can get is whether the lady is expecting a child or not.

Face-to-Face Meetings are Necessary

You have to meet the mother face-to-face in the presence of adoption lawyers in Atlanta. For every step, you must see her in-person; so that the whole adoption process goes smoothly.