How to Ace the PSM Exam?

Professional Scrum Master, or PSM for short, is a credential for those planning to work in an Agile Scrum context. Being a Professional Scrum Master can help both small and big businesses swiftly implement Agile.

During the course of the test, which has a time duration of sixty minutes, the candidate is required to provide responses to a total of eighty true/false questions, multiple-choice questions, and multiple-answer questions. 

Let’s take a brief look at the measures you need to follow in order to pass the PSM exam on your very first attempt, as well as the essential training and any assistance you may need.

  • Try reading a variety of Agile books and enrolling in online courses that cover different Agile approaches if you’re a fresher.
  • Be sure you read the Scrum handbook, and have a copy on hand at all times for reference.
  • Take advantage of the free evaluation offered by Scrum, then practise until you master the material.
  • Always keep the Scrum principles of Courage, Focus, Commitment, Respect, and Openness front and centre.
  • Since the PSM test is an online test, you may take it in the comfort of your home as long as you have a reliable internet connection. You must correctly answer at least 68 out of the 80 questions for a score of at least 85%.

Quick Advice:

  • Maintain a Reliable Internet Connection

Since this is an online test, a reliable internet connection is absolutely necessary.

  • Read Every Question Carefully

There are true/false questions, multiple-choice questions, and questions with numerous answers. Make sure you thoroughly read and comprehend everything.

  • Select a Realistic Time Slot

You may do better on the test if you choose a time period that suits you and prepare psychologically for it.

  • Respond to the Complex Questions at the End-

Avoid wasting time on questions that are unclear and mark them for the end instead.

  • Manage your time wisely

One of the most important considerations in this evaluation is time. Make sure you finish all the questions in the time allotted. Practicing with a timer before the test greatly aids performance.

  • Read the Scrum Guide in its Entirety Well in Advance.

Your most important study tools to use to pass this test are the Scrum Guide and Scrum Glossary.

  • Return Later to Tougher Questions-

Make careful to try and respond to all of the challenging and complex questions towards the end. 

  • Avoid Focusing Too Much Time on One Question. 

Never devote too much effort to answering a single question.

  • Watch Out for Word Games

On the basis of word choice, queries might sometimes become challenging. Watch out for distinctions between the words attend and participate, could and should, etc.

  • Do Not Rely on All Online Sources Available-

Huge amounts of information may be found online for remote learning, so it’s important to know which sources to trust.


Your career may advance to a new level and you may experience long-term benefits from PSM because it is regarded as,Β Professional Scrum Master Certification: A Course to Turn the Tables Around.Β  These tips will enable you to ace the test. Be kind to yourself if it takes you more than one try to succeed.

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