4 of the Most Common Insects You Might Find in Your Yard

America is home to a whole lot of bugs. There are more than 90,000 named species of insects across the country. And there are more than 70,000 unnamed species too! 

This summer, you’re likely to see all kinds of creepy crawlies around your backyard. But what are the most common types of bugs you might encounter?

Want to learn more about what minibeasts you should expect to see over the summer? Read on! We’ve put this guide together featuring four of the most common insects seen in American backyards. 

1. Ants: Some of the Most Common Insects in the World

You may not believe this, but there are one million ants for every human in the world! You’re not just likely to see one or two of these industrious creepy crawlies on your lawn, but rather hundreds.

Ants are social insects that create vast underground nests. Expect to see them all over your yard, carrying around leaves, sticks, and any other debris they can find. They use it to build their nests and feed their young. 

2. Hornets

Hornets are the enemy of gardeners everywhere! Sadly, you’re likely to encounter these grumpy critters throughout the summer, since they’re some of the most common flying insects around. If you’re enjoying a picnic or a soft drink outdoors, you’re even more likely to encounter a few of these buzzing menaces. 

Keep calm! Swatting at hornets only makes them angrier. Leave them alone and you should avoid the worst of their wrath. 

3. Larder Beetles

These small, round beetles feast on all kinds of life. Whether it’s dog food or grass seeds, they love to feed on anything they can get their hands on. And they’re among the top 10 most common insects in the United States. 

Beetles lay their larvae in all kinds of organic matter, including soil. This can damage your lawn and other parts of your yard. RDS Lawn Care can help you deal with these pests and keep your lawn healthy. 

4. Spiders

Most people don’t like spiders, but you’re likely to find them en masse around your property, including in your backyard. They lurk in dark places but struggle to resist emerging from the shadows to feast on their prey. 

Whichever part of the US you live in, you’ll likely encounter plenty of spiders. There are lots of varieties living across the United States and they love to make their homes in backyards. 

Remember, spiders have their advantages too! Web weaving spiders will reduce the overall number of insects around your home by catching them in their webs and feasting upon their carcases. How about a hand for our eight-legged friends? 

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Remember, the United States covers a lot of land, so you might see very different bug populations depending on where you live. Florida insects are very different from bugs in Alaska! 

We hope you’ve enjoyed reading up on the most common insects around. Now, enjoy the garden of delights that is our blog. Check out our many articles and you’re sure to find something you’ll like. 

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