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10 ways fashion makes you look gorgeous

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Fashion has always been advertised in the form of trends. While trends add to the equation, it is crucial to understand that fashion is more than that. Fashion involves personal interpretation of trends. It is about making the most of what you have available. Fashion is creative, and it is fun.

Most importantly, fashion can make you look gorgeous. It can take your look from zero to a hundred in a heartbeat. Fashion is not about expensive designer labels, garments, or fleeting trends. It is about curating an aesthetic that makes you feel like the best version of yourself. 

The following is a list of 10 tips to help you in looking effortlessly beautiful.

  1. Color coordinate

Color coordination is an excellent idea if you wish to impress a crowd with your outfit. The key to color coordination is picking random complementing colors and building your outfit around them. Be sure to coordinate your accessories to your clothes – this includes makeup as well. Color coordination gives a cohesive outlook to your ensemble and makes it look like you really tried. Elevate your style game by creating a color scheme and working around it. 

  1. Go all out with color

Colors add life to a boring canvas. Needless to say, colors are quite quintessential for your outfit. They add character and dimension to it but most importantly, colors make an outfit memorable. Create a show-stopping look by curating an outfit full of colors. Break all the stereotypes and simply wear all the colors your heart desires. Make it fun, make it pop – you must aim to stand out in a crowd. 

  1. Mix and match textures

Textures make an outfit interesting. If you wish to make your outfit stand out, make it fun and interesting by mixing and matching different textures. There is an array of fabrics to play with, such as silk, cotton, suede, leather, etc. They may seem to clash, but when put together skillfully, they work like a dream. The mixed texture look is very high fashion and chic. 

  1. Try layering

Layering is a styling technique that involves wearing different layers of clothes to create a unique outfit. While it may sound simple, layering can be pretty tricky, especially for newbies. The trick to perfecting layering lies in trial and error. Practice makes perfect, so experiment with a variety of pieces to create your outfit. Some outfits will work, others won’t, but that is what makes the ordeal super fun. Also, layering is excellent for the colder months, so this is the perfect time to practice. Let those creative juices flow. 

  1. Put on a blazer

There is nothing in the world a blazer cannot fix. The epitome of elegance, sophistication, and class, a blazer is the most beautiful garment ever created, period. The way it flatters every body shape and size and gives it a sleeker look is baffling yet admirable. The best part about blazers is that they can be worn over just about anything ranging from casual to formal. You can wear one with office wear like a pantsuit or a skirt and blouse, or you can wear it over a casual pair of jeans and a tee or an everyday dress; it looks fantastic both ways. If you wish to elevate any outfit as effortlessly as possible, just throw on a blazer and watch your outfit transform completely. 

  1. Go monochrome

A single color palette is not as boring as it sounds. In fact, playing with a single color is the definition of high fashion. Monochrome looks have been turning heads for years now. They are elegant, timeless, and versatile. Moreover, they are super easy to work with as it narrows down your choices. Matching head to toe has never been as impressive as it is now. So if you are experiencing one of those days when you just cannot work your way around an outfit, just go monochrome. 

  1. Wear matching sets

Matching sets are all the rage right now, owing to their simple yet powerful outlook. They are elegant, chic, and timeless. Moreover, super easy to style and put together. Coordinating an outfit consisting of a pantsuit, sweatsuit, or anything matching really is automatically fashionable. All your outfit needs is some complementing accessories. You can opt for something minimal to maintain that simple and minimalist aesthetic, or you can go all out by dressing up your set with outgoing accessories – do whatever fits your fancy. 

  1. Play with proportions

Proportions add structure to your outfit. The key to nailing any outfit is making sure that its proportions complement your body type. If you are looking to impact your ensemble, a simple way to do so is by simply playing with your proportions, such as styling a bulky top with a fitted pair of bottoms or vice versa. Proportions do not merely involve contrasting shapes and sizes but also contrasting textures, fabrics, and silhouettes. 

  1. Throw on a leather jacket

There is no outfit in the world a leather jacket cannot fix. A leather jacket continues to make waves despite being around for decades. We have all seen them everywhere for years, yet they continue to excite us unlike any other garment; such is the power of a good leather jacket. Find a leather jacket that compliments your body and style and use it to upgrade your style game. Keep it simple with a classic bomber or biker leather jacket, or go all out with custom leather jackets. Regardless of your preference, know that leather jackets take center stage wherever they go. 

  1. Wear statement accessories

Accessories can make or break your outfit. They are the final pieces of the puzzle, and without the right accessories, no picture is complete. In fact, accessories can turn a simple outfit into one that catches all eyes in a room. To add that extra bit of oomph to your outfit, we recommend sticking to some standard staples like a stellar pair of shoes, a good pair of sunglasses, a chic handbag, and some elegant jewelry. 

These accents add character to your ensemble and make sure it stands out. If you wish to maintain a minimal outlook, keep it simple with your accessories. If you want to go bold and beautiful, find the most daring accessories in your arsenal. The rules are pretty simple, honestly. 

  • Parting thoughts

Fashion is what you make it to be, so choose to make it fun, lively, and exciting. The way you dress expresses who you are as a person, so if you wish to impress others with your dressing, be sure to follow the tips mentioned above. We promise you they will change your style game for the better. 

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