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What Types of Things Get a Burglar’s Attention?

Every day, homes all across America fall victim to burglars. Some are upscale homes in the nicest residential neighborhoods. Others are city homes in less expensive neighborhoods. There really is no rhyme or reason except to say that certain things get a burglar’s attention. Those things can be found in just about any neighborhood, regardless of location and economic status.

So, what types of things do burglars notice? Below are just a few of them. They are offered by Vivint Smart Home, a nationwide home automation and security provider who reminds consumers to be diligent about protecting their properties. They say that making it harder for burglars to do what they do is the most effective deterrent of all.

Unattended Vehicles

Burglars look for any signs indicating a home is unoccupied. Unattended vehicles are a big giveaway. A burglar who walks in the same neighborhood two or three days in a row will pick up on vehicles that haven’t moved. If vehicles are in the same spot day after day, they are not being driven. And if they aren’t being driven, their owners may be away.

As a side note, you can leave your car unattended by starting the engine and going back inside while it warms up. Doing so is an open invitation to car theft. Someone who walks by hoping to burglarize local homes may decide that your vehicle is worth a change of plans.

Unattended Deliveries

Burglars can also be porch pirates, but they don’t have to be. Nonetheless, packages left unattended on the front porch suggest that no one is home. It is not unusual for burglars to spot a house and then watch it for a while. Seeing packages left unattended for 10 to 15 minutes is motivation to knock on the front door to see if anyone’s home.

An Unkempt Front Yard

If you don’t take good care of your property, you might be inviting burglary. Why? Because an unkempt front yard tells burglars about your general attitude toward your property. If you do not care enough to cut the grass and trim the shrubs, what are the chances you have taken extra steps to prevent burglary? Burglars are smart enough to pick up on that sort of thing.

Open Garage Doors

Burglars love when homeowners leave their garage doors open. An unoccupied home with an open garage door is an invitation to enter. But even when a home is occupied, an open garage door is a lot like a big display window at a downtown shop. A burglar can casually walk by and take a look at what is inside. The contents of the garage are often an indicator of the contents of the house.

Lack of Holiday Activities

Holidays can be very profitable to experienced burglars who know what to look for. Imagine every house on the street decorated for Christmas. Every house except yours, that is. Your lack of decorations may cause a burglar to wonder whether or not you are away for the holidays.

Holidays are also opportunities for family get-togethers. A burglar might drive through your neighborhood and note the houses that appear unoccupied. Choosing one or two to scope out would make sense. It wouldn’t take much for your neighbor’s house to be burglarized while he and his family are off at the annual July 4 picnic.

This is just a small sampling of the types of things that attract burglars. The main lesson here is to do whatever you can to make your home as unattractive as possible. Above all, never let it look unoccupied.

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