Friday, September 24th, 2021

The Rise and Fall of a Potentially Great Social Media Platform: PimpandHost

As per the recent statistics, almost half of the world’s population has Internet access and 92% of the internet users are on renowned social media platforms. So, it is clear that sharing lives on social media is a trend at present. Netizens love to take photos and share them on social media platforms.

Besides, the easy access to the internet and variety of social media platforms on the play store gives the freedom to choose the best platform. So, netizens are always on the quest of searching for the most intuitive social sharing platform with a good UI and enough audience to share the content with.

With such interest revolving around social media platforms, here comes a high-quality imaging sharing and hosting platform named “PimpandHost”. By the claims of the developers, there is no wonder that people get attracted to the website as high-quality image sharing is possible. So, as expected, it became one of the most popular free image hosting platforms all across the globe.

Who was using PimpandHost?

When it emerged as one of the best platforms to share high-quality images, It became a one-stop solution for web graphics experts. Being professionals in photography, graphics, and videography, they got a great platform to showcase their talent and skills to the world. 

But, as the popularity grew and people came to know about a free platform that is giving good reach to the available audience, heavy traffic came looking for it. Thus, it eventually became a social media platform where people used to share their photos, some creative videos including professional-level skills. 

What were the compelling features of PimpandHost?

Being the first of its kind to allow high-quality images and videos to share and host, it came with a ton of compelling features that people were looking out for. Some of them include

  • It was one of the fastest social media websites of its time when some renowned names were already gaining a massive fan base. The uploading speed in this website was lightning fast which enabled the users to share photos and videos effortlessly.
  • Although the content revolving around this platform was cringy and adult-based, the website was rated safe by Google. It has no association with any malicious or suspicious programs.
  • One of the most appealing features that even now most social media platforms lack is the ability to create an album. But PimpandHost supported this feature efficiently.
  • You could create gifs in this platform, that too quickly
  • It supported uploading all kinds of files including GID 

Well, like any other social media platform with weak policies and filters with less potential, PimpandHost became a site for cringy content. Most of the users started posting adult content and offensive content meant to spread hatred over a group of people. As a result, both Google, Bing, and all other popular search engines terminated it, and you can’t find it anywhere else now.