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Best Wedding Gifts For Girls

Every girl more often than not wishes for a fairytale wedding. This is one of the most important days of her life when she is the center of the event and is the prettiest vision in the party. So as her friend,...

Should You Make Space for a Wedding Planner in Your Budget?

In today’s world, the cost of a traditional wedding has gotten so high; one might believe that the claim of the word "budget" doesn't imply. Of course, you'd be wrong. Whether you're spending $4,000 (far below average) or you're spending $40,000 (the average cost...

5 Fun Facts About Indian Weddings

You probably are rapture over the intricately beautiful designs of Indian wedding cards, but what if we tell you some more fun facts about Indian weddings. These facts are interesting enough to blow your mind. So are you all set up to read out...


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