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Fun street style trends to try for summer 2022

The last few years have been all about the 90s, with the decade’s street style fashion trends coming back into popularity. We saw plenty of grunge, punk, and gothic looks on the red carpet and on the streets this year. But as we move into summer 2022, things are going to get even more exciting. From tropical prints to Hawaiian kitsch and island life, new styles will be hitting our streets very soon indeed. So what kind of street style fashion trends 2022 should you be trying for summer 2022? Let’s have a look at some of the best ideas from recent seasons…

Tropical prints are coming

Tropical prints are buzzy fashion trends right now. With so many different ways to wear these prints, you’ll be able to incorporate them into your wardrobe in a number of different ways. There are floral prints, as well as geometric prints with plenty of colors, so you can find something you like. As always, go for bright colors and more vibrant patterns if you want to make an impact on the streets if you find your favorable apparel on fashion trends websites.

Low-key luxury

Low-key luxury is a trend that takes on a more casual, relaxed, and comfortable feel that embraces items that are both practical and inexpensive. By creating a lifestyle of low-key luxury, people are able to embrace the idea of minimalism and value the things that truly matter to them. This minimalist fashion trend is about embracing what you have and focusing on quality over quantity. The focus is on quality over quantity by embracing items like candles, books, and blankets instead of buying a bunch of stuff you don’t need.

The key to success with this low-key luxury trend is to choose items that will make you happy. While it can be tempting to splurge on fancy clothing or jewelry, these items often do not bring true joy. Instead, focus on items that will make you feel good about yourself, like shoes that are comfortable and fit well, or clothes that make you feel confident.

Hawaiian kitsch will be massive

Hawaiian-style kitsch has been popular for a few years now, but it is about to hit its peak in the summer of 2022. Traditional prints are still going to be popular fashion trends this year, with floral prints, pastel hues, and other traditional Hawaiian elements being big. But we’re also going to see lots of bright colors – which is something that is not usually associated with Hawaiian style. This will show up in two ways: firstly, on tops, where we’ll see plenty of neon colors and designs; secondly, on bottoms where we’ll see an increased number of fuchsia and hot pink pieces showing off the island life.

Fashion trends for men

Men have always been the main influencers of fashion trends. In 2021, we saw men’s style develop with a focus on minimalism, natural fibers, and clean silhouettes. The following year, we saw more adventurous takes on the classic suit and tie with a more relaxed vibe. Now in summer 2022, we’ve seen these ideas continue along with some new trends emerging, including a minimalist take on baggy pants and lightweight jackets.

There are so many ways that you can express yourself through your fashion choices. That’s why it’s important to know what’s going on in the world of menswear so you can stay up to date on the latest trends.

Shoe platforms

Shoe platforms are one of the fashion trends in 2022. It is a platform that provides a stable and solid base for shoes. Shoe platforms are made of flexible material such as rubber, plastic, or metal that allows comfort while wearing a pair of shoes. Shoes with shoe platforms are more comfortable to wear and are more durable than those without. People can choose from different styles and sizes of shoe platforms. Shoe platforms are available in different colors and shapes. They can be added to any type of shoe such as high heels, low heels, flat shoes, and sandals. Shoes with shoe platforms look stylish and can make your feet look bigger. This trend will help you stand out from the crowd when you wear a pair of shoes with shoe platforms.

Pastel hair is happening

Pale, pastel colors will be dominant fashion trends 2022 for women on the streets everywhere. They’re already being seen on some of the coolest street styles looks from recent seasons, and with this trend continuing to grow in popularity, we can expect more and more people to adopt this fun look for their own outfits. From pastel peony blooms to perfect pinks and purples, there are so many shades you can choose from. If you love a colorful look, then try out this trend this summer! Another trend we’ll likely see a lot of in the coming months is hair that’s been dipped in pastel colors. With rainbow waves an easy option for anyone who wants to dip their hair, we should expect tons of head-turning looks that get caught in the wind as they walk down the street.

More neon and metallic clothing

Neon and metallic colors are going to be big fashion trends over the years for summer. This is a trend that has been with us for a while and it’s set to continue. So what kind of items would you add to your wardrobe? Neon leggings, neon heels, reflective sunglasses, and metallic accessories will all be popular picks this year because they’re so eye-catching. They also make for perfect beachy party outfits which are always a favorite during the summer season.

Rainbow bag collection

Rainbow bags are a must-have in any girly girl’s wardrobe. They’re bright, colorful, and fun. This year, we saw a lot of rainbow bags on the red carpet and they’ll feature heavily in street style fashion trends by decade.


This summer, you’ll be able to walk down the street and feel like you’ve just left the tropics. The Hawaiian kitsch trend will be huge, with any print that is bright, happening, and easy on the eyes. Hair will be more pastel, and brightly colored clothes will be on the rise. Neon and metallic clothing will also become more popular in the future. Stay cool when the temperature rises next year with these fun summer fashion trends list!

Author’s bio:

Emily Moore is an experienced copywriter and photographer with a degree in design. She works with startups, entrepreneurs, bloggers and companies from all over the world. In addition to writing articles and promotional material, she enjoys hiking, reading, cooking and spending time with her family.


How To Style Your Western Cowboy Hat?

Wranglers and ranchers wear cowboy hats for a bunch of reasons. Be it shade, protection from nature’s elements, warmth, or more! But when it comes to fashion, people wear it to add an upgrade to their outfits. With a few styling tips, you can wear your cowboy hat effortlessly and improve your game. 

Decide on your style 

There is a wide range of cowboy hats available, and choosing the best one for you is essential. Before buying a style, try on different cowboy hat styles and sizes that fit you best. A few cowboy hat styles include the derby, the gambler, the cattleman, and more. There are other modern cowboy hat alternatives that you can choose from. 

Another aspect is the material. It is better to understand that cowboy hats made of felt are for occasions or formal events.

These can make you feel dressier but keep you warm during the colder months. Straw hats, on the other hand, are more casual, perfect for regular outdoor activities. Find an item that is overwhelming but also goes well with the shape of your face. The perfect hat for you could be with a buckle or have careful details of crystal adornments or even a suede weave. 

Avoid the cynics 

Never bother asking naysayers of their opinion on getting men’s cowboy hats. You can hear your fair share of criticism, but that is all. The fashion world is a vast space and far more accepting of all kinds of choices. Cowboy hats are one of them. You can include chic to your style without fearing getting excessive attention. Cowboy hats ooze confidence, ruggedness, and independence! 

Begin basic 

Avoid wearing your cowboy hat backward. Plenty of hats come with bows placed on linings, framing the headband. When wearing the hat, ensure that the bubble got seated at the front. Instead, the front should be narrower. The ascending portion gets placed frontwards, while the dip goes backward. 

The angle 

Cowboy hatbrims have a language of their own. Make sure when you wear one, you are fluent in it. Leveled brims give a straightforward attitude, while you can pass off a severe vibe if you lower the brim towards your eyes. For a more confident look, a tilt at the side works best. However, avoid pushing your brim upwards; it oozes an amiable vibe unless you aim for it! It can also make you look mysterious. 

Strategical dressing 

If you want to avoid dressing up for a country-themed rave, you should avoid overdoing your western style. You must dress according to the occasion, strategically placing your cowboy hat so that it compliments your outfit. You can try layering your white t-shirt, but avoid adding a pair of cowboy boots. These can make you overtly cowboy-ish. You can opt for sweaters, flannels, plaids, or solid colors for a more natural look. 

If you are dressing for an event, and want your outfit to be on the dressier side, pair your hat with straight-legged pants and a blazer. Detailed or skinny jeans should stay avoided at all costs. 

Understand that you can spot excessiveness when it gets extreme. The lesser, the better attitude can go a long way when styling cowboy hats. Opt for one western-styled piece at one go. Statement belts are always an upgrade to any outfit; however, they can scream excess from afar when paired with cowboy hats! It would help if you also remained away from buckles and rodeo belts. 

Consult style icons

Fashion trends follow an on-and-off phenomenon. But when it comes to cowboy hats, it is a fashion trend filled with greatness regardless of the occasion and era. Check out what style is excellent and which ones should stay avoided. A little bit of research is mandatory! Consult real-life style icons and fashion gurus. 

Follow hat etiquette 

Cowboy hats come with tradition. Any region you are wearing it in requires particular etiquette. While you are utilizing your best to select a cowboy hat that suits your look, you must also follow the code of wearing it. It is all about the respect you are willing to give. Below are a few places where you must take a cowboy hat: 

  • Indoor weddings
  • Private homes
  • Place your hat over your left upper side when in front of a flag
  • Church 
  • In the presence of a lady 
  • At the dinner table 

With cowboy hats, you can be as accurate as you want to be! You can even have it rugged, as long as you style your cowboy hat that enhances your personality! A wide variety of options can help you choose the best, while these styling tips can help you wear them with pleasure. Myths should not pull you from wearing hats. You can look adorable by following basic hat trends. 


How tattoos reflect your personality

A tattoo uncovers anything you desire it to uncover about your character and for somebody. A few tattoos have clear implications like a semi-colon, while some have layers of stowed away significance. That is the excellence of craftsmanship and they are not entirely clear. Hand tattoos, neck tattoos, lake tattoos and various other tattoo locations reflect something different.

The days when individuals with body workmanship were viewed as criminals or something is no more. There is no rejecting that there are still individuals who discover tattoos unappealing and thus judge individuals with tattoos as well, yet everybody is qualified for their viewpoint. 

We feel it relies upon the groups of friends you are in to know what anybody thinks what you having a tattoo says about you. I see individuals who have tattoos on their bodies as utilizing a more unmistakable and visual mechanism of self-articulation than others. Besides, I figure tattoos can be something excellent, insofar as they’re significant, and that they’re finished with an appropriate strategy, and with wellbeing and security conventions set up. 

Great tattoos, similar to the great craftsmanship, are something brilliant. I know many inked loved ones who are genuinely improved by their essence. Additionally, Bad tattoos, similar to terrible cement, are practically for eternity. Certain individuals get inked with awful plans, others seem as though jail work, and still, more are simply cut-out tasteless. In case that is no joke “adorn” yourself, why not do it right? 

Tattoos are a pattern that is following by youth, I feel tattoos fairly mirror the individual’s character or mental status for a particular period. Since as we probably are aware human instinct, propensity or an inclination is never be inconsistent level it keeps on changes or vacillate as per time or circumstance face. 

For instance, a couple of cuts or tattoo a name of one another as an approach to communicate love thus, for some time case can pass judgment on a group or couple through tattoos that they are enamored. Yet, over the long haul and several discover unreliable in one another organization because of various attitudes or incongruent between them. 

Anyway, is the tattoo love essence remains? No, it’s reduced. 

Let me explain you by a little story of me.

As of now, I have one tattoo, anyway here I might want to discuss my tattoo which will consistently hold an exceptionally unique spot in my heart. As a youngster, I generally got captivated by tattoos yet additionally didn’t know whether I want to manage something so long-lasting. I have a place with a family unit and being the only girl made my parents very defensive of me. They adopted a customary strategy with more than one cultural standard and getting a tattoo was something they would never envision. I was in every case nearer to my folks and took a stab at examining my longing of getting inked however their responses were rarely sure. 

That dread kept structure up inside me, thus, did my longing until one day when that very dread spurred me to choose the topic of my tattoo. I inked two birds which are eagle and dove. The two birds are liberated from any sort of servitude. What’s more, I likewise, need to resemble them. Thus, this was the topic I picked. 

Thus, tattoos couldn’t be judge by the individual’s character or nature. Since the human propensity keeps on vary or continues to change over the long haul. The vast majority get tattoos to help them to remember certain things, achievements, occasions of friends and family in their life, or essentially craftsmanship that they like. I don’t pass judgment on individuals on the ink they have on their skin, it’s more profound than that, it’s the individual, not the ink. 

How tattoos are finished? 

Tattoos used to be done physically – the tattoo craftsman would penetrate the skin with a needle and infuse the ink manually. However this cycle is as yet utilized in certain pieces of the world, most tattoo shops utilize a tattoo machine nowadays. A tattoo machine is a handheld electric instrument that utilizes a cylinder and needle framework. Toward one side is a disinfected needle, which is appended to tubes that contain ink. The ink is put under the principal layer with a gathering of needles welded together and connected to a dainty, straight bar. The needles are plunged into the ink and the needle is driven into the skin either physically or with tattoo machines. Little pinholes are made and the shading is abandoned in the skin. There is your tattoo.


An in-Depth Look at the History of the Adidas Yeezys Shoes


It’s no secret that Adidas shoes are popular.

They have been around since 1949, and are still highly sought after by sneakerheads. But, why? What is it about these shoes that make them so special in the eyes of sneaker enthusiasts?

It’s all about the design details. The history of the Adidas Yeezys shoes is one worth learning. From the design inspiration to the luxury materials, we’ll cover everything you need to know.

What’s the story behind the Yeezy shoes? Read on to find out!

From Nike to Adidas Yeezys Shoes

Did you know that Kanye originally was helping Nike with shoe sales? But then, he decided to switch it up. He didn’t like how Nike was treating him so he went on to help Adidas start their Yeezy line.

What’s the design process look like when Kanye’s helping create stylish sneakers? It depends. We’ve said in the past that Kanye has a very clear vision behind his products. This is evident when you compare the Air Yeezy 2 to his other well-known shoe, the 350 models.

However, the collaboration between Adidas and Kanye for both shoes was completely different. The process began back in 2006 when Nike still had first dibs on all of Kanye’s work. He wanted his shoe – he approached them with the idea, which they didn’t like at first (but ended up agreeing to do).

Kanye sent out prototypes of what would eventually become his very own line of sneakers: The Nike Air Yeezy series. However, once he saw that it wasn’t going how well, he decided to leave Nike for good.

After leaving Nike, Kanye decided to collaborate with Adidas since they were always in the back of his mind. Kanye worked closely with both Adidas Originals and Adidas’s CEO at that time, Herbert Hainer.

Hainer was first introduced to Kanye during the MTV Video Music Awards. Kayne came on stage wearing sneakers that everyone thought looked strange.

At first, many people didn’t understand why Kanye wore such informal-looking shoes while accepting an award for being creative and different. However, it turns out Kanye was just ahead of the times, fashion-wise.

Adidas Yeezy Boost 350

The Adidas Yeezy Boost 350 was first released in the fall of 2015. It’s the third shoe in the Adidas Yeezy Boost line. Kanye West designed this shoe with Adidas Originals.

The design for the Yeezy Boost 350 is also part of the Adidas and West collaborative fashion line. This shoe has a tan leather upper and a black semi-translucent outsole. When you shop for Yeezy, you’ll notice that the shoe’s molded stripe symbolizes wings. The wings are a reference to Nike Air Jordan 1 which had a similar feature on its shoes.

The inspiration for this design comes from ’80s basketball shoes with extra padding to protect against high-pressure gameplay. These were originally called “the Uptowns” and later rebranded as “the Yeezy.” They were made of non-leather materials, but Kanye wanted to bring them back into the modern-day. That’s where the idea to start using luxury materials, like real leather, came into play.

Adidas Yeezy Boost 750

Now that you know about the inspiration from the Yeezy Boost 250, let’s jump over to another model. The Yeezy Boost 750 was the fourth shoe to join the Adidas Yeezy Boost line.

Kanye once again worked with Adidas Originals to create this iconic shoe. What makes the 750 different from the 350?

Kanye and Adidas Originals went all out on this one, literally. The 750 is made of a full-length boost midsole which is unlike any other model in the collection. It features no Primeknit upper as the 350s do.

However, the 750 does include a neoprene collar for extra comfort. You’ll also enjoy an elastic strap across the middle of the shoe. The 750 also includes an inner lining with a soft feel for maximum comfort on your feet.

Air Yeezy 2

The 750 models are often compared to Nike’s popular Air Yeezy 2 sneaker. What makes them similar? Both shoes have similarities in that they’re made up of a full-length boost midsole and both feature straps across the ankle.

The Air Yeezy 2 only comes in one colorway: Black/Solar Red. The shoe features a black fly knit upper with a gorgeous red sole that screams luxury. However, the most memorable detail about this shoe is its unique lacing system.

The Air Yeezy 2 also uses two individual laces for each eyelet! This helps give you a more personalized fit around your ankles.

Yeezy Boost 350 V2 Mono Ice

Next in the history of Adidas Yeezys shoes, let’s discuss the Yeezy Boost 350 V2. One thing you should know about Kanye West is he hates being basic and following trends.

So when everyone else was wearing flat shoes, West made his signature style statement in high heels. This helped him stand out, in a highly competitive market.

The V2 Mono Ice is the embodiment of uniqueness. It’s the sixth model to join the Adidas Yeezy line, and a lot of people are surprised by how different this shoe looks from other models in the collection.

The colorway makes it easy to spot even when surrounded by others in similar colors, like grey for instance! This shoe has a very simple design that seems more basic than advanced at first glance. It also features a Primeknit upper, unlike any other shoe, except for maybe its predecessor, the Yeezy Boost 350.

However, don’t let its simplicity fool you! It’s one of the most complex shoes on this list. It features several design details that you’ll instantly love. And it’s these small changes that make all the difference in the world.

For instance, this shoe comes with an extra set of laces that give it more uniqueness and personality. These are grey, which means they match perfectly with its grey Primeknit upper.

No one will have shoes like yours! It’s safe to say that this is easily one of the most popular models on this list, judging by its colorway alone!

Embrace the Fashion Industry

Now you know how Adidas Yeezys shoes came to be. After reading this article, what shoes do you think are right for you?

Are you going to splurge for a pair of Yeezy Boost 750s? Or are you looking for an extra unique appeal that only the Mono Ice version can offer? Take a few minutes to look at photos online of each shoe type.

Envision how they’ll look on you, and with the clothes you wear. From there, you can finally choose your perfect pair! For more history and fun facts, explore the rest of our site.


Shirts And Chain That Bunches Generally Wear Today

The astonishingly intelligent nature of golden explains its use in making golden chains. Despite the way there are endless golden chains, the stream is perhaps the most conventional. Pure golden is surprisingly responsive and adaptable. It is mixed with various metals to form a chain that is not only magnificent, but sufficient for typical use. The most widely perceived of these blends is a compound known as Genuine Golden.

Use your chain consistently. Surprisingly, wearing your golden chain is perhaps the simplest method of keeping it clean. It sounds strange, in any case, the more you use it, the less often you need to clean it. Wherever it is worn reliably, the real Vlone Shirt advances a charming look that becomes beautiful and stylish after a while. 

Golden chain sparkle:

The textures are superbly treated to make your golden chain sparkle without scratching and contain remarkable manufactured blends that block blur collaboration. These textures can be found at corporate and online retailers and can even be found in thrift stores near your chain’s workplaces.

Gently wash your golden chain in warm water. You can enhance your appearance by wearing a golden chain.If your chain cuts heavily or has different highlights or spikes, be sure to dry any covered or hard-to-reach regions more carefully.

Store the chain in a cool, dry place. Use an alternative chain compartment or material in the chain box to stay away from contact with another chain as this could start to uncover the golden. Cleaning golden is a typical rule, one way or another, it is smarter to be safe than discouraged.

Decorate yourself:

Try to discover your golden chain. The most discreet enemies of sparkle specialists are manufactured substances found in fragrances, hair drops, and decorating specialists, so be careful when wearing golden chains. It is brighter to cover your chain or decorate yourself with it after applying your neckline and trims.

Do whatever it takes not to allow your real golden chain to be placed directly on wooden surfaces, as wood regularly contains destructive elements that can damage the golden surface. We are generally responsible for putting our chain in our dressers or chain boxes at dusk. In a perfect world, this is a relic of the past, as we currently see how it handles our golden chain.

Golden chain will continue to work forever:

With real thinking, your true golden chain will continue to work forever. Regardless of how long you see how to really focus on your organization, you can buy without question. Evaluate new looks with golden studs, extras, bracelets and the sky’s the limit from there.

Shirts are available in numerous styles:

Shirts are available in numerous styles, having advanced over time. The main sweaters that were used were made of thick  and were consequently very thick. These are the shirts that bunches generally wear today. Don’t hold sweat like other gaming jerseys, yet they are the slightest turn of events. The world’s best known gatherings and classes wear t-shirts that show something around things.

You can choose whether your variety of jerseys will be for each gathering and player, or you can focus on gathering the gathering sweaters in a class. It is not at all unexpected that people also focus on a lonely gathering, buying the Juice Wrld Vlone of all the players. This preparation is also generally used when a fan needs their jerseys to be branded. 

The important thing to remember:

Basically no one is going one way when deciding to put things together. This is why the purchase of a variety of shirts is not overlooked by others!The important thing to remember is that assortment is important and should be addressed as needed. Shirts must always be kept impeccable and the people who handle them must never hurt them. 

A variety of shirts in incredible condition can be cherished for a lifetime. Surprisingly, wearing your shirts is perhaps the easiest way to keep it clean. It sounds strange, in any case, the more you use it, the less regularly you need to clean it.With real thinking, your certified shirts will continue to work forever. 

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Why You Should Buy all Your Eyewear from Blenders

Protecting your eyes from the sun is important, no matter what season it is. The good news is you can protect your eyes and look stylish while doing it. Whether you are looking for polarized sunglasses or athletic ones, you can find them at Blenders. This fast-growing sunglasses brand offers a wide variety of cool-looking styles at affordable prices. You can purchase multiple styles to fit a variety of environments without breaking the bank. Plus, you will look great!

Affordable Polarized Sunglasses

Not only are there various styles of sunglasses, but there are also different types, depending on their use. Polarized sunglasses are popular because they reduce glare from surfaces such as the road, water, and snow. They are good choices for someone who does a lot of driving or who spends a lot of time on the water.

Because they offer additional protection, polarized glasses are often more expensive than other types of sunglasses. However, that does not have to be the case. Blenders prides itself on offering polarized sunglasses for men and women for affordable prices. While some brands sell polarized lenses for hundreds of dollars, you can find pairs at Blenders for under $50.

Stylish New Styles to Set Yourself Apart

Along with offering affordable, high-quality sunglasses, Blenders offers unique styles to fit any personality. Their sunglasses come in various materials, such as metal, plastic, metal-mixed, and acetate. When it comes to frame styles, there are almost 40 from which to choose. Some examples include:

  • A Series
  • Eclipse
  • Cat eye
  • Canyon
  • Coastal
  • Romeo
  • Monarch 
  • Vixen
  • Float2O

The Float2O style is specifically made for the water. The frame is engineered to float, and it has an anti-salt water coating. 

Frame colors come in basic black and brown for a more classic or serious look. However, if you want to shake things up a bit, choose a frame in a bright color like green, pink, purple, or red. Or jazz it up in a more subtle way with clear, silver, tortoise, or white frames. You can also stand out by choosing a fun lens color. Stick with black smoke, or have fun and choose lenses in blue, pink, green, purple, gold, or clear. 

Unlike some sunglasses, which come in one-size-fits-all, Blenders offers different options for a better fit. For both men and women, sunglasses come in small-medium or medium-large.

Additional Blenders Benefits

Along with sunglasses that provide 100% protection from UV rays, Blenders offers prescription sunglasses. If you live in a cooler climate, keep Blenders in mind for winter. They offer snow goggles, snow lenses, snow helmets, beanies, and face masks. The company offers free shipping on orders over $50 as well as free returns within 45 days of purchase. You can also join their rewards program, in which you earn points for purchases as well as for following the company on social media.

Whether you are looking for womens polarized sunglasses, a functional pair to wear while in the water, or stylish sunglasses to wear to an afternoon barbecue, Blenders has everything you need to look cool and protect your eyes.  

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Best Churidar Salwar Suits for Different Occasion

Churidar salwar suits are one of the most favorite patterns of salwar suits that suits women of every body type and is preferable for every occasion. This three-piece attire consists of a skin fitted salwar that is loose and baggy from above and is fitted from knees to ankle. It has several wrinkles or we can say churis at the ankle that makes it a churidar salwar. A tiny side slit with press buttons makes it easier to wear, it is paired with different types of kameez that can be straight or flared and a matching dupatta.    

Reason Behind its Popularity

The attire is not only limited to India, it is the popular one throughout the globe. Each and every pattern of the attire is also worn abroad. There are certain benefits of choosing a churidar pattern which makes it the best one. 

  • The first reason is that it gives the wearer a tall and slim look. If you are not so tall and are willing to get a slimmer look then you should surely choose to wear this salwar suit. 
  • Second thing is that it can be paired with different styles of kurtis that can be medium or long in length and makes it a perfect dress to wear at special occasions and events where you need to wear something formal or ethnic. 

Preferable for Every Occasion

As we know that salwar suits are preferable for every occasion so you can flaunt it anywhere. In India salwar suits are also worn on a regular basis. The ones that are printed and made from lightweight fabrics are more preferred as a daily wear. 

Some of them are embellished with stones and diamonds that are a perfect pick to wear at auspicious functions, festivals and weddings. They are decorated using zari work, threadwork and some beautiful stonework that makes it look super awesome. The bottom of the kurti and the dupatta have some pretty embroidery and laces giving it an amazing look.   

Pair it with Stylish and Fancy Kameez

A churidar salwar can be paired with different styles of kurtis. It may have slits or can be flared having some adoring prints and embroidery that gives it a flawless look. 

Anarkali Kurti: A floor-length anarkali kurti that is properly fitted to the upper body having a boat neck or a round neck with long sleeves makes a classy combination with churidar salwar. The length of kurti may differ, it can be knee-length, medium-length or floor-length is usually paired with churidar salwar and the short ones can be paired with palazzos or pants. 

Straight Kurti: A long straight kurti having a proper fitting from top to bottom and side slits makes a delightful pair. Simple neckline and full sleeves with intricate embroidery at the neck and at the wrist of the sleeves makes an alluring kurti. The best combination with a churidar salwar is the straight kurti. It is the best pick for an elegant and sober look. 

Slit Kurti: For a fancy and modern look you can pair a slit kurti with this skin-fitted churidar salwar. It is similar to flared kurti but it has a slit that starts above the waist till the bottom of the kurti giving it a stunning look. It may have a big flare or a normal flare that depends upon the meter of cloth used to make the attire. It can be made from different types of fabrics that gives a flowing appeal to the kurti.

Trail Kurti: A trail kurti that is short from front and long from the back can be paired with different types of salwars. For a graceful look it is paired with a churidar salwar that gives the wearer a slim and tall look. The kurti can be printed or may have some alluring embroidery. Stylish sleeves such as bell sleeves, bishop sleeves and long sleeves with wrinkles makes a stunning trail kurti.

High Neck Kurti: The intricate embroidery at the high neck of a flared kurti done using small diamonds and pearls and thin pipings makes a beautiful kurti. The high neck gives a dignified look to the wearer. The neck can be fully closed or may have a v-notch at the front that makes it look more effective. Pairing it with a churidar salwar will make you look like a fashionista.      

Some Fabrics for Churidar Salwar Suits

The outfit can be found in a variety of fabrics that are soft and flowy in nature. Here are some of the fabrics that are used to make some beautiful salwar kameez.

Cotton: The fabric is soft and fluffy in nature and is obtained from cotton plants. It is usually found in bright and vibrant colors having some adoring prints and motifs. It is the most comfortable fabric and is used to make western as well as traditional clothes. A churidar salwar suit made in cotton fabric are the most preferable ones for summer. 

Georgette: It is a lightweight sheer fabric that is originally made from silk with highly twisted yarns that are altered in S and Z twists using the weft and warp technique. Due to its flowy and voluminous appeal it is one of the most admired fabrics that is used to make western and some beautiful traditional outfits such as salwar suits, kurtis, sarees and many more. 

Silk: If you are willing to wear a churidar salwar suit at a wedding function then a beautiful silk dress having a contrast color Banarasi silk or Chanderi silk dupatta will give you an exemplary look. You can get some beautiful wholesale salwar kameez from online stores or can get it from your favorite store in the nearby market. As silk signifies the richness and royalty of the wearer by giving them a classy look.

Linen: You can also choose linen to make a ravishing churidar salwar suit. It is obtained from flax plants and is one of the oldest fabrics in the world. The fabric has been in use since the prehistoric times. It has the ability to dry faster and is the best one to wear in summers. They have some beautiful prints and embroideries that give it a fabulous look. 

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DON’T Sleep With Your Makeup On – You’ll Regret!

Ladies, these days, don’t go out without their makeup on. They’d wear some lipstick at least and do some eye-makeup like applying mascara or eyeliner to give themselves a decent yet attractive appearance. Of course, they don’t even look at low-quality products because they can’t do anything risky to their skin. Along with beautifying their looks, women care a lot about their health as well. This is why they always go for bigger brands that they believe make high-quality cosmetics. They don’t want any reactions on their skin that would cause skin problems like pigmentation and pimples. 

Girls really love makeup products. I’ve always seen a huge crowd in cosmetic stores every time and, yeah, they do. But they love their skin health more. I’ve seen many women sleep with their faces and eyes filled with makeup. They really think that it’s okay for them to do that but what they don’t know is that there are lots of side effects that can ruin your upcoming days pretty bad. To all the women who think it’s okay to sleep with your makeup on, let me tell you the things that will happen if you do that. 

Chronic Inflammation

Here’s what happens. You just came back home after a long day with your makeup on. Being lazy or due to any other reason, you decide to just go to sleep and remove the makeup in the morning instead. You’re wearing concealer, foundation, eyeshadow, mascara, etc. If you do this a few times, you’ll start to notice some pimples on your skin due to chronic inflammation. What happens is that the dirt and the skin cells that are dead stay on your skin and clog the pores. When the skin can’t breathe, it will start to get this inflammation and show clear consequences when you wake up the next day. 

Your Skin Will Go Dull

Let’s say that you wake up the next day with your makeup on your skin and you’re like “I wish I had my skin looked clear”. Well, this might have happened because of your not-removing-the-makeup-the-last-night thing. You must stop doing this and cleanse your skin before going to bed. This will clear up all the dirt, dead skin cells, and oils from your skin making you look fresh in the morning with crystal clear skin. Better avoid getting your make-up-filled-face rubbing on your pillow. The results won’t be any good and you’ll regret your decision of not removing your makeup before sleeping. 

Your Dream Of Always Looking Young Will Be Left Incomplete

We all want to look young and have the skin as soft as a baby. There are many factors including genetics that cause our skin to start looking old. However, one of the most significant factors that all of us have control over is not having our makeup removed when we sleep. If you keep doing this, you’ll start to see aging symptoms like wrinkles on your skin and those are extremely not acceptable by any woman out there, not even me. If you really love your skin, then I don’t think that it’s even a big effort to put some makeup remover on a cotton patch and wipe the products off. The benefit is worth doing it for. 

It Will Make Your Skin Conditions Worse

So you’re already having some problems with your skin like pigmentation, acne, or anything like so. It’s like an alarming situation for you and you shouldn’t ignore it. DO NOT sleep with your makeup on because this will make your problems worse and you’ll start to hate yourself for what you had done to your skin. This would be all your fault so it’s best to avoid wearing makeup while sleeping if you love your skin. 

Infections In Eyes Becomes Possible

Oh, I know you wouldn’t want even a single little thing to happen to this sensitive area. It hurts too much even if we get a single piece of dirt in your eyes. How are we going to handle an infection? So girls! Always remove your eye-makeup before bed because when you’re sleeping, you’re actually rubbing the product all over your pillow or maybe with your fingers all night long. There’s a lot of chance that you accidentally make makeup hit your eyeball and you’ll hate this feeling in the morning, trust me. 

Try to get rid of eyeliners, mascaras, and especially the eyeshadows. However, it is still safe to wear eyeshadows all night long if you have good-quality ones. You can buy them by judging by their packaging. If it’s high in quality and looks professional and attractive, then get it immediately. And if someone with a business is reading this, then I’d advise you to sell your eyeshadows by buying wholesale eyeshadow boxes from good packaging brands like Dawn Printing.

Rashes Are Bad, Aren’t They?

I hate them, personally. They not only look bad but also hurt really worse than that. Just a little bit of a skin stretch really hurts and if it’s facial skin (sensitive), it’s much haunting. You can fall into this problem if you sleep with your made-up face. The makeup includes perfumes and other irritants that will cause inflammation if in contact with the skin for longer periods of time. So ladies! Take this as an alarm and love your skin more. 


No matter how tired or lazy you are at the moment, take out some time before going to bed and remove all of your makeup if you don’t want any trouble. By doing this, you’re not only caring about your beauty but also your skin health. Makeup has chemicals in it that will deteriorate your skin badly. Your skin will be happy to be yours if you do this. You need to cleanse your skin daily about two times. Before going to bed and in the morning before applying your makeup again. Use gentle cleansers if you have dry or normal skin. However, if you have an oily one, then exfoliators will be the best for you. Love your skin, and your skin will love you back!

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It’s a Quaran-THING! 5 Productive Ways to Spend Your Home Quarantine Days

The majority of the world’s population have been staying home since early this year. These past few months, people have been adapting to the ‘new normal’ through social and physical distancing, wearing face masks mostly when going out, washing hands more than they usually do, and working or studying from the four corners of their home. 

But, some people also find themselves bored, stressed, and have nothing to do while on home quarantine. If you’re one of them, let’s congratulate you for you’ve landed on the right pages. 

By taking a few more scrolls, you’ll find out these various creative ways that you can do or follow to make your quarantine days more productive than ever. So, if you’re currently lounging in your couch or laying in your comfy bed, then this could be the perfect time to go through this article. 

What we want you to do is to search no further and start reading right now! 

  1. Learn new things through browsing the internet.

If you ever find yourself lazy and lying in your bed almost the entire day or just scrolling up and down on your phone screen, then we have this brilliant idea for you. Why not take advantage of your free time, as well as your internet connection to learn new things online? 

You might also notice some of your friends or random people you see on your newsfeed who have been making themselves busy while staying home. So, why not browse the internet and find something new to learn? How about learning how to cook? Or bake? Build DIY storage? DIY room makeover? And so on? 

Well, these are merely some of the best suggestions we think you would like. Who knows, you’ll find a new passion. 

  1. Get physically and mentally fit by exercising regularly.

Are you one of those people who have been promising themselves to get physically active? But unfortunately, you’ve been too busy with lots of work and stuff? 

Well, this home quarantine season could be the best time to commit to daily exercise, which will give a positive impact to both your mind and body. Don’t worry because even if gym centres and fitness studios aren’t available for the meantime, you can still catch up with regular physical exercise while staying home. 

For an effective home exercise, you may seek help by reading this one, Stay Home, Stay Healthy: 6 Exercises to Do During Lockdown.

  1. Look for home-based or part-time jobs.

Unfortunately, this coronavirus pandemic has been affecting the lives of many since day 1. And one of its negative impacts on the global community is the sudden layoffs of many companies. While some may have lost their job temporarily, some have been unemployed permanently. 

Find a silver lining in this dire situation by trying to look for a home-based or part-time job. In that way, you can still make the quarantine season productive, as well as to give yourself a chance to start over again.   

  1. Work at home by kickstarting a small business.

Let’s say you’ve already done the previous tip. Then the next thing you can do while waiting for the calls concerning your job applications is to get your hands something to do. 

How? Why not take this time to kickstart a small business? Think about something that interests you the most or anything that you can work on while at home. You can go for selling homemade pastries, DIY accessories, do some freelance writing, private tutoring, anything that you could offer to your potential customers or clients. 

  1. Get your hand dirty by decluttering your stuff and giving your home a satisfying makeover.

The last thing we have for you on this list is to get your hands dirty. Not that you have more time to stay home, you may now start decluttering your stuff and give your home extra care and a satisfying makeover.

Give your place a good deep-cleaning and decluttering to get rid of the dirt, bacteria, and even viruses that might be in your home for ages. 

The bottom line:

This year might not let you enjoy the outside world, but give you ample time to reflect and appreciate what and who you have in your life instead. Now that you know these simple ways, to make your quarantine days extra productive, don’t think twice to give them a shot. And later on, let us know your experience by commenting your stories below. 


5 Quarantine Purchases Every Swimmer Must Have to Feel Better During Lockdown

Are you one of those competitive swimmers who are dying to be in the swimming pool once again? But sadly, morning practices are suspended due to the implemented coronavirus home quarantine and other health and safety protocols? 

Well, whether you’re a competitive swimmer or someone who simply loves swimming as a leisure activity, here’s what you can do for now; prepare for that time you would feel the pool water on your skin again by upgrading your swimming essentials.

If you got no clue as to how on earth you can upgrade your swimming must-haves or how to ease your longingness for swimming, there’s no need to worry that much because this article got your back. All you have to do is to stick with the next few pages, finish reading up to its last sentence, and find out what swimming equipment you must start replacing with a new one.

1. Personalised swim caps

As a swimmer, you should know how much a good and quality swimming cap can create an impact on your swimming performance. Not only that it lessens the drag in the pool water or any open water, but also secures your hair in place, and protects your hair and scalp from possible damage. 

So, as you yearn to jump in the swimming pool once again, why not treat yourself with some personalised swim caps instead? Personalised swim caps are available for bulk or multiple purchases, which is perfect for your whole swimming team.

You can have personalised swim caps either for your co-swimmers in your school or university’s swimming club, for your family or for your friends who also love swimming as much as you do.  

2. New pair of earplugs

Earplugs are a pair of swimming essentials that protect the swimmers’ ears from the risks of infection they might get from swimming often, especially in untreated water like lakes, oceans, and rivers. This home quarantine season, replace your old pair of earplugs by shopping for a new pair online. 

So that as you get your chance to swim in the pool or any open water once again, you’ll feel a lot better and satisfied by having a new pair of earplugs. How does this idea sound to you, huh?

3. Nose clips

Nose clips are another pair of swimming essentials that you might want to get for yourself during the lockdown period. Throw away your old nose clips because it’s time for a change. 

With a new pair of nose clips, you’ll feel a lot better and more comfortable as soon as you get to swim again in the pool. 

4. New pair of swimming goggles

How long have you been using your current swimming goggles? How long have you been longing to get a new one? If you’re waiting for a sign, then here it is. 

Shop for your new pair of swimming goggles and prepare for your most-anticipated reunion with the swimming pool anytime. If this doesn’t seem to be a good idea to make yourself feel better while on home quarantine, then we don’t know what else will.

5. Another bottle of sunscreen

The last thing on the list that we advise you to purchase is another bottle of SPF or sunscreen. Of course, swimmers need to give their skin some extra love too. 

Applying a generous amount of sunscreen will keep your skin from having sunburns, inflammations, and redness that it may get from too much exposure to sunlight. 

And you’re done! Yes, we understand how much you’re missing doing the sports just by going through the pages that suggest the quarantine purchases you might want to have to ease the feeling. 

But this is also a sign for you to replace your old swimming equipment with new ones for a more comfortable swim. So, before you take a plunge in the pool or any open water once again, make sure that you have these quarantine purchases, okay?