Wednesday, August 4th, 2021

The Popularity of KissAnime and Why it is banned?

KissAnime was one of the most popular platforms to watch free anime movies and series in high definition. It had a massive database of all genres of anime content, so one could find any old or latest release movie or series on a one-stop platform. Besides, it had a user-friendly interface so that even a newbie can stream any of their favorite content on the go.

With such compelling offerings, the website gained a massive fan base all across the world due to both dubbed and subbed versions of every content. But, news from an unofficial subreddit broke out from the moderators of KissAnime and KissManga saying that they have chosen to permanently close their sites for good.

Soon, after the news went viral on the internet and netizens came to know about it, the site went down leaving no traces anywhere. 

What are the possible reasons behind the shutdown of KissAnime?

The announcements from the website managers and the moderators came into the air soon after the Japans’ revised anti-online piracy law came into force. According to The Japan Times, the revised anti-online piracy law is meant to make copyright control stricter than ever.

This law also includes banning illicit manga downloading, academic texts, music, videos, and magazines without the consent of the respective authorities. So, the law, by all means, focuses on regulating the leech websites that deliver hyperlinks for the pirated content to the targeted audience.

There is no wonder that KissAnime was one of the renowned illegal sites to deliver such content, that too in high definition quality. So, it was obvious that the site should stop at one point or the other. 

One of the possible reasons for the ban of KissAnime is its popularity itself. By providing HD quality massive databases to the users to access anytime, it was always on the eyes of Internet Service Providers. So, chances are the ISPs are successful in banning the entire site for copyright infringement.

However, as per the viral news spread by the moderators on the subreddit, the site holder took down the site by themselves and no one has shut it down.

Are there any ways to stream anime content from KissAnime?

There were possibilities such as using VPN and proxies if ISPs blocked such sites to get to the targeted audience before.  Even the site holders used to return to their fans by either changing the domain names or by using the mirroring sites. But, now these tricks are not working anymore as the database and server are taken down completely. 

So, even if you search for the KissAnime website on Google, you will be redirected to either a fake page or misleading content instead of anime content.

Are all the free anime sites shut down?

No, you can find several other alternative sites that are still active with good collections of a wide range of anime movies and series. But, to find a site with minimum proximity to the original KissAnime website, you need to go through them one by one. In this quest, you may also come across the paid ones claiming to provide good quality content. But, the free ones are also readily available with the latest content.