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The 10 Best Nail Colors That Every Woman Should Know!

Do you love to flirt and play with exotic looking nail colors? Are you a manicure fanatic and can’t help obsessing over crazy shades to dapple onto your pretty, pink nails? Beautiful nails promise the way you take care of yourself and exemplifies how very hygienic and stylish you can be, hinting towards your inner creative voice?

If you are really a nail color aficionado, then here are the best nail color shades that must weave their way into your vanity closet as soon as possible and once you have them, you can easily flaunt them at your next kitty party with grace and ceaseless bravura!

I have recently launched a nail color spa line with my best friend and while we brainstormed for the best nail shades, we also placed a lot of emphasis on customizing and buying the best custom nail color boxes from one of the best printing presses in our town, as an exemplary packaging can grab oodles of attention as a lucrative marketing tool!

Buy these sundry variations of eye-capturing nail colors and let the onlookers gawk at your gorgeous hands!

  • The Dreamy Ballerina Nail Shades

I loved this deep pink shade of pretty ballerina colors and these shades are very popular for everyday use, especially amongst the teenagers. The resplendent pop of color is quite Barbie like and one can always use on a girls’ day out!

  • Nude Pink Coffin Nails

If you love to dress like a Gothic doll, then go for these nude pink shade and look like an exotic EMO girl ready to make waves at the next funky themed party!

  • The Lavender Nail Shade

The lavender nail shade looks so cool and indeed, this is one of the best collection of colors that will stay with you for a long time.

  • The Ombre Nails

Take a bit of rainbow glitter and splash it with an azure looking ombre shade and show off your nails!

  • Glitter and Grey Shades

You can always a bombastic combo of grey and glitter shades and paint them exquisitely onto your nails!

  • The Wine or Crimson Colors

Let the charm of this brewing dark crimson shade spellbind the onlookers! This nail shade is a great choice for the autumn period.

  • The Red Nail Shade

If you love the color of passion, go for this hue of red nails!

  • Let the Black Nails Create the Oomph!

Try the darkest shade of mysterious looking black nail color and be the fashionista you are destined to be!

  • The Satin Sapphire and Indigo Nails

Buy this blend of satin sapphire and indigo shades look absolutely cool. Get it soon!

  • The Minimalist Look

If you want to vouch for a minimalist look, go for these café brown shades for everyday use.  This shade looks pretty casual to use and you can use it every now and thin, with simple application.

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