Marketing Trends 2020: Don’t Say We Didn’t Warn!

Can you believe that we are almost in 2020? We have an eye on what happened and another on what will come. So, with the Doppler team, we decided to use this post to talk about Marketing Trends for 2020.

The first thing we saw is that some of them have been gaining ground for a few weeks. Although today they are trends, the truth is that they will be a BOOM next year. 

Come, let’s get to know each one in depth. 

Hello 2020, we are ready!

Surely you and your Marketing team have been planning digital actions for weeks to come. Sounds good to me! 

It will be the year of Digital Transformation, a great opportunity to grow your online business. First let me ask you: Have you defined your goals? Do you know on what dates you will be present? What are the digital techniques that you will prioritize?

When we say Planning will save you, we mean it. That is why we welcome 2020 with a Seasonal Marketing Calendar with the most important Dates for different industries. 

Children’s Day, Mother’s Day, Sales Days, Halloween … don’t miss any! Everything is in this Calendar with alerts that will notify you weeks before so that you arrive on time with your Email Marketing Campaigns ๐Ÿ‘‡

7 Marketing Trends for 2020

It is very likely that you have come across some of these techniques or themes in some Conference, event or meeting during 2019. It is that we Marketers are like this, we work in the present thinking about the future.

Whenever we think of optimizing processes, setting new goals and finding solutions, we review where the world of Digital Transformation is taking us.

So, if you have been left with any questions or did not understand well what the digital techniques that are already were starting to sound, continue reading.

TikTok: More than a trend, a stylish and social boom

Although it is already a couple of years old, we can say that TikTok has definitely taken off. 

This video app is, in the same measure, addictive and entertaining. With clips lasting between 15 and 60 seconds, the application developed by ByteDance, offers the possibility of creating videos with more advanced editing tools than Instagram and Facebook. 

Users create content on a daily basis and their Hashtags are extremely popular. Part of it is due to really well developed algorithms to show users only the content that will be interesting to them.

We have seen different social platforms appear and disappear, but its popularity, today, places it among the giants, with 58.1 million monthly downloads (Facebook: 58.7 and Instagram: 36.4 million)

TikTok: how to make it profitable for your business

If we know anything about the power of Social Media, it is that vitalization and segmentation are very powerful. And where your target is, your brand should be.

Viralization within the platform is almost instantaneous within interested audiences.

In any case, and in advance, the TikTok authorities have announced that they will be reviewing and improving their advertising formats during 2020. So, if I were you, in the coming months I would have my team closely monitoring it. 

Personal Branding: tell me who you are and I’ll tell you how much you sell

Increasingly installed, Personal Branding still has a lot to give in the Marketing world. 

 The Personal Branding (or personal brand) is to make you, individually, your own brand. 

Perception is reality. And what you transmit as a person becomes essential for your brand. Think for a second … What personalities do you know that transcend your company? Or, better yet, make them your company.

At EMMS 2019 we have the presence of Manuela Villegas (CEO of Sรญ Seรฑor Agencia), featured in 2018 as LinkedIn TOP Voices, an acknowledgment for personalities that generate valuable conversations for the industry. Manuela has her own style, creates videos, shares tips, advises and constantly does virtual Networking.

Plus, sheโ€™s a Growth Hacking genius. If you still don’t follow it, we recommend you do so ๐Ÿ™‚

What is good for you is good for your brand

This Marketing trend has been developing for a while. Even large companies have personalities who show and convey the brand’s vision.

The most successful Personal Branding cases are those of inspiring leaders. They become references. It is in them the ability to influence people’s thinking. And not only from the people in your own company, but also from the entire community.

It is that, if you think about it, nobody does business with companies. Business is done with people. And they are based on trust, on connections, on loyalty, on generating a real bond.

To develop your Personal Branding we recommend:

  • Create your own message: what do you want to say, what problems do you want to solve?
  • Define your voice and language: how you want to make yourself known.
  • Choose the medium and channels: where you want to be followed.
  • Show yourself as you are: your image, both physical and virtual, is worth as much as your words.

And since we don’t want to leave you with any doubt about why develop your personal brand, we list the benefits:

  • You become visible to the community.
  • You become an opinion leader.
  • Increase opportunities for you and your business.
  • You build credibility and trust.

User generated content: Nothing more effectiveย 

To talk about this Marketing trend, we can start from two premises:ย First, Digital Marketing has beenย focusing on the user for years.ย Both in digital interfaces and in the creation of messages and experiences, everything is by and for them.ย Andย second, much of the huge amount of content hanging around is generated by people.ย And that is something that escapes brands.

The question that arises is … what do we do with it?

In every Content Marketing strategy there must be a mix. And in that mix, the content of the people has begun to revalue itself. Its production and diffusion have an extraordinary upward trend.

What do we call user-generated content? To everything that has faces, voices and / or messages directly made by real people! The power of Social Networks, Blogs, YouTube and other platforms are gaining ground as opinion and influence formers.

Get them to talk about you!

If at this point we have not convinced you, you should consider that the content generated by users is: More authentic, more effective and cheaper.

How to put this content at the service of your brand? Simple! It is about showing how people live, perceive, use and feel your brand.

The experience that your brand provides becomes real when it is not you, but a person.

To get the most out of your users’ content, don’t keep it. Show it to the whole community!

  • Share on your social networks

When they label you, use your product or make reviews on Social Networks, share it on your profile. You will see how your interactions increase when you show stories, images and videos from your real userโ€™s ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Invite your users to participate in your contests

Make them speak for you. Organize contests, raffles and promotions that appeal to the creativity of your users. Invite them to transmit the values โ€‹โ€‹of your brand! 

  • Include it in your Email Campaigns

Through testimonials, success stories or examples of good practices, you can make your users show the effectiveness of your product or service.

All this type of content is genuine. Your userโ€™s voice is more powerful than you think. It can attract attention. It can influence opinions. You can convert more clients.

You just have to choose the best way to put it in your favor! 

Data Marketing: I analyze, therefore I exist

David Uribe, an expert in Data Marketing with years of experiences, shared the perspectives of this subject in a very interesting talk at the EMMS. 

Data Marketing does not stop evolving. If in 2019 it has already found a boom for different industries, in 2020 it will be crucial for any digital strategy

If we are constantly collecting data, gathering information, seeing the behaviour, interactions, tastes and interests of our clients, why not analyse it? 

We always say that data is used to make better decisions. But starting to use them is the best decision for your business.

Use Data Marketing to save money, predict behaviourโ€™s and optimize actions.

Trends in Big Data for online businesses

Mainly, companies will not focus so much on (indiscriminate) data collection but rather on learning how to take advantage of it. 

For this reason, too, the creation of positions and positions within the Marketing teams for data science experts are and will continue to be the most demanded profile by companies.

Data Storytelling will also gain more weight. Do you know what is it about? It is less technical than Business Intelligence and concentrates on adapting the information to the role that each one has in the company. In other words, it is a personalization and interpretation of the data to make it more accessible and useful in decision-making.

In addition, there are 4 aspects that seem to lead Data Marketing to a privileged place in all industries:

  • Democratization of data science
  • Machine learning or machine learning
  • Virtual assistants or Chatbots
  • All information in the cloud

More conversions, less effort with Email Automation

If in 2019 you barely approached the world of automation or did not even dare, say goodbye to your doubts and concerns. 

The great challenge facing all companies is that of Digital Transformation. This involves automating processes and integrating into the digital ecosystem. What will be the benefits? You can minimize efforts, save money and maximize your profits.

There are many factors that lead us to consider Email Automation as a solution.

The Customer Journey, as it stands today, is dynamic. There is no business that has only one Buyer Persona and only one effective conversion funnel. 

Adapting and automating communications to accompany potential clients becomes almost mandatory to be successful.

Furthermore, digital Omni channel for E-commerce will also require greater efforts. Watch out! This does not mean greater investments, but rather a better distribution of budgets. 

Being present in different channels and creating a consistent experience in all of them will only be possible with automated actions, aimed at creating an ecosystem that guides potential customers in every contact with your company.

The Power of Email Automation in 2020

If you think you have taken advantage of your Email Marketing strategy, get ready for what comes next!

Dare to configure more complex Email Automation flows. Study the behaviour of your users and Subscribers. Group them by category, segment them according to their interactions, and identify their intentions and interests. So you can design future shipments that lead to conversion.

In addition, you can enhance these automated flows in Doppler with SMS Campaigns and Push Notifications. These new channels will allow you to create more opportunities to contact your Subscribers to meet your objectives, whether they are attraction, sale or loyalty.

Don’t forget to include new formats! Thanks to the high degree of personalization that email allows, you can add GIFs and videos to your communications and improve the metrics of each shipment you make. The most important thing about Email Automation in this post is that it becomes the ideal channel to complement and carry out the rest of the trends.

Mindful Marketing: The here and now that converts more

Have you heard of Mindfulness? It has had several translations and applications, depending on the field. But basically it’s about being here and now. A psychological process to be able to be in the present and be aware that one is in that present.

The Mindful Marketing is consistent with the premise that our strategies is to govern for a while: put the person at the center of our decisions. But it goes a little further.

Be really present in the entire process of building a Marketing strategy.

Sometimes the pace of a business keeps us racing. And so we do the tasks: messy, without analysis, improvised. 

Pause. Analyze. Meditate. Re-prioritize, if necessary. We know it can be difficult, but this trend has come to bring benefits and solve business failures. 

It is about proposing more conscious consumption, recognizing the impact of actions on the environment, on specific communities and on society in general. Companies like Google or LinkedIn are already incorporating Mindful Marketing into their internal processes.

Sounds great, but how do I incorporate it into my strategy?

When you apply it in business, Mindful Marketing changes the perspective.

It allows you to focus on people and their conflicts. Both those that concern your own teams and those of your users or clients. If you focus on the work of your leaders being clear, ordered and planned, the results of what they carry out will be better. 

For this reason, inside your company we recommend:

  1. Be clear on your goals. And realistic!
  2. Avoid Multitasking. Focus on what you can and know how to do.
  3. Encourage relaxation and meditation actions. Clear your mind to think clearly.

Meanwhile, Mindful Marketing will help you out of your business: 

  1. Leaving aside the ego of your brand or company. Being empathetic with the other.
  2. Making your consumers identify with your message. Putting you in their shoes.
  3. Thinking about the questions that might come up. Answering them before.

Storytelling 2020: Count to Connect

Years go by and the effect of telling a story is still extraordinary. So Storytelling does not stop gaining followers.

It is a way of recovering and maintaining conversation with the public. From the narrative of each company, Storytelling allows building specific stories to connect brands with people. And this occurs in fields as diverse as fashion, entertainment, music, sustainability, and so on.

In his last talk โ€œStory Telling, Story Doing and Story Makingโ€, Vero Ruiz Del Vizo highlights the new ways of telling stories that a brand can take advantage of. 

It underlines the premise that, given so much available information, the user only pays attention to the brands that have managed to connect with them. If you create a good story in your communications, your brand will have more opportunities to become visible.

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