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In-house Sauna Maintenance Tips For The Holiday Season

The movie-series Home Alone does remind us of the jolly season every December. More than the jingling spirit of the movie, its signature plot of conspiring events to have Kevin left home alone during holidays is something that many folks would have kept in mind before going to escapades. This is true especially for those who have valuable things at home, like an in-house sauna.

Unlike the movie, you don’t intend to bring your sauna with you in your escapade, so there’s no worrying about leaving it at home. The thing to think of is the danger of possible damage if it was not left and maintained properly before you get away.

Here are some things to remember to ensure that your personal sauna is still in great condition for relaxation even after your holiday getaway.

  • Clean the walls and floor
    Scrub the wood using sandpaper. Aside from the one-time, big time cleaning you plan to do before holidays, it is highly advised to do regular sweeping and mopping of the floor as frequent as once or twice a week.
  • Keep it dry
    Make sure that there is minimal moist left in the woods to avoid rotting. While in-house sauna products generally use good quality wood intended for long utility, good maintenance can still spell a lot of difference. So after a scrubbing or mopping session, keep the doors open for a while to let the air in.
  • Clean the accessories
    Neck and backrest are some examples of sauna accessories. Since many of these products are also made of wood, similar cleaning routine with the walls are applicable. Examine the screws too, if any, so that the neck and backrest won’t fall apart.
  • Start or maintain a sauna decorum
    Yes, sauna bathing also has some guidelines that will keep its physical longevity. One of them is to always use bath towels when using the sauna instead of baring your whole body. This avoids the possible lingering of body fluids or even bacteria in the wood.

    Avoid bringing unnecessary liquids in the hot box, too. Spilling them will cause stains and can entail an additional cost for more sauna cleaners. If you have not started adopting any guidelines, it is not yet too late to start next year after the holiday season.
  • Protect the hot box from the sun
    If your sauna is located outdoors (like in a backyard), investing in sauna covers or protection can save you bucks for supposed repairs for damages caused by extreme weather conditions. Going big by building a shelter for the hot box will also be good.

Finally, aside from asking “does sauna burn calories?”, it might also be okay, though no-brainer, to ask “can sauna burn a house?”, just in case people go light about safety guidelines.

Unplugging is one of the crucial actions before any getaways to avoid troubles like fire. Learning from the movie Home Alone, it could be stressful to experience hassles during the holiday season, so it’s better to be a stickler than sorry.

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